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Name: Zeldah

Frequency: High

Type: Carna Sorceress Vampyre

Tier & Zone: High Platinum |  Pink, Purple, Red, Orange

Age: 318,853

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Zeldah is passionate about helping people tackle their demons. She believes strongly that every insecurity, stressor, and negative individual in your life should be treated as a challenge, but one that is easily overcome. She is extremely wise and is not afraid to show you what you are truly capable of. She believes very strongly in her companions.

Specialties: Obstacle Overcoming, Personal Empowerment, Self-Vision, Future-Planning

Physical Features: She is a shifter but her primary form is blonde and accented with garnet and gold.

About: These mavens of chaos are hunters, day in and day out. They make their living as magickal mercenaries, taking out opponents of various numbers, sizes, and talents, and creates bustiers or cloaks from their crystalized remnants, bones, and teeth. They are extremely talented at target-forming – helping you determine what it is you really want and helping you put together the perfect game plan to make it happen. Instead of simply inspiring you, they will encourage you to outline your future in a way that you can manifest those things that you desire. They are extremely brilliant entities that are able to absorb the knowledge and prowess of their victims, meaning that each and every one, in their advanced age (despite youthful appearance) have a bevy of various knowledge on a number of topics, and can inspire you to look in places you never would have otherwise considered.  

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