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The infamous super-energizing herb that has been taking health food stores and alternative living stores by storm is finally here at MM, and we love it. After you read the info below, you will see why!

Magickal Uses: Yerba mate is used in magick most often for topis of fidelity, lust, sexuality, love, fertilty, energy, attraction, and beauty. Many will use them to create attraction spells and roots, or even make an infusion using an item, or ashes of an item owned by a person, spill it on the ground, and it will help you break off the relationship in total.

Health Uses: Though research is varied, many professionals have openly proclaimed that yerba mate has helped improve allergy symptoms, improves mood and focus, is an appetite suppressant, aids in gaining a deeper sleep. Yerba Mate has also been found in some studies to help lower lipids and is high in antioxidants. Most professionals recommend taking it at a medium frequency, but full and conclusive evidence on this herb are not complete so always contact your physician. 

Consumability: High

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