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Name: Xicostru

Type: Nautilus

Tier & Zone: Legendary | Orange, Purple, Silver, Blue, Gold, Green

Frequency: Universal

Age: 665,078

Gender: Gender Non-Binary

Personality Profile: Xico is an interesting entity. They don’t mind what pronouns you use, but you will notice both a feminine and a masculine aspect depending on the work that needs to be done. They are a very forward-thinking entity that loves to communicate using your own inner voice, but in an assertive and authoritative tone, allowing you to take yourself more seriously, feel your own confidence, and step forward with courage. They are naturally effective at helping you silence the thoughts that overcome your success and subdue your spirit. You will find that working with Xico is a bootcamp in self-trust, self-confidence, and understanding of the grand scheme of things and where you fit in. Your importance is paramount, and the work that Xico does will illustrate how, where, when, and why.

About: The Nautilus is an amazing entity. They are connected to a time about a thousand years ahead of our own present day. They are extremely interconnected with the will of the universe and are experts at manifestation in regards to drawing money and other forms of wealth. These incredibly visionary entities are capable of showing you the extent of your black arts and white arts magickal power. Instead of forcing upon their companion the ideals of their origin, these entities encourage growth, endurance, and creativities in all avenues. The Nautilus will continue to challenge you. They have named themselves after the worldly creature, a being that symbolizes the constant evolution of man, and epitomizes the idea that we often think we are near the limitations of our abilities right before expanding into a completely new realm of thinking. The Nautilus’s skills are not only metaphysical and educationally based, however. They are capable of drawing intense energies to manifest ‘open doors,’ drawing you toward the opportunities you need to pave the path to your ultimate goals. These entities believe in the fluidity and mass of possibility in this universe, and have mastered the process of creating the things most desired on this plane. The Nautilus is an innovative entity, one who is blunt, creative, and will help you see the true influence you have over your own life. They will help you hone your mastery of all esoteric arts, but also memorize and utilize wisdoms of the sciences and humanities.

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