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The WYLDFIRE Amulet and RA is a powerful and potent amulet oriented toward tapping you into your most brilliant light and your most transformative darkness, allowing you to tackle some of life's more difficult lessons with vigor and wide eyes. This cataclysmic and beautiful, transformative fire will awaken you to your greatest potential and your highest purpose. 

The Wyldfire Amulet features many layers of spellwork to help you get what you want out of life and your daily interactions. 

  • Vega Vibration - This enchantment works by connecting you with your highest purpose, pushing you toward it and pulling away distractions that may field your vision away from your dreams and desires. The Vega Vibration utilizes the energy of the brightest star to guide you during times of uncertainty. 

  • Vision Quest - This enchantment enhances the user’s psychic senses, and with continued use, to see spirits that are around you. Working with the vessel will help to uncover the spiritual world around you and to deepen your practice. 
  • Venus's Sugar - Having trouble savoring the moment? Is the moment not really savorable right now? Do you have kids, a hectic job, or another situation where your attention is always elsewhere, but you get no you time? This will fix that. You will find more random moments of peace and more opportunities to find your zen space, even if that is a surprise 20 minutes between lunch and a doctor’s appointment. The spell will find time for you that you didn’t know you had!
  • Miss Raven's Spell of Peace - Miss Raven is a crone with the ability to come to peace with just about anything. She is very relaxed and has a very come-what-may attitude, even though she gets things done and refuses to accept injustice. This kind of peace is a confidence and resides deep within. Face anything with courage but placidity. Channel your inner Miss Raven with this spell!
  • Caustic Fire - Caustic Fire is a potent spell that is always working in the background to fast track your lessons and to help you overcome the necessary hurdles of life without excess pain and chaos.
  • Black Fire - Black Fire is a powerful piece of spellwork that allows your personal higher good, your personal needs, your personal desires, and your personal mission to be pushed to the front of your mind and your considerations. This spellwork is POWERFUL for anyone who often considers others to their own detriment. 

=Pop! Magick RAs=

If you want only the amulet, choose AMULET ONLY.

If you want the amulet with a Reverse Adoption of Bronze - Gold tier, choose BASIC RA.

If you want the amulet with a Revese Adoption of Platinum - Mythical tier, choose DELUXE RA.

The Pop Magic! RAs will always focus on the focal point of the amulet itself, though specific details are much appreciated!

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