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It's beguiled the likes of Poe and Baudelaire, it's been banned in the past, and it has a history of creating the most famed literature of the baroque era. The herb itself is now legal (make sure if you are international that this is the case for you too!) and is an amazing boost to magickal practice.

Magickal Uses: 
This herb is well known for bringing out the oracle in those who burn it, and is also known for encouraging summoning, conjuring, spellwork, and talisman-work. This herb can help charge your third eye and crown regions, activate creativity, and can help you receive oracle visions.

Health Uses: When burned it can be calming, but ingestion is not recommended as it has a number of toxins that may not affect one badly in trace amounts. It is, however, not recommended to be eaten or taken internally unless it has been brewed into a beverage by a professional with state approval.

Consumability: Not recommended.

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.