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Welcome to WISH! 

This reverse adoption is completely open-ended with no specifications on our end!

This limited-time RA is catered to your desires! The tier is completely random, branching from Bronze to Mythical!

Give us a little info, and we will find the perfect match for you!

What are your hobbies?

What are your dreams?

Do you work with Dark Arts or Black Arts at all?

Do you have a gender preference (or prefer agender/morphing/genderfluid if we are able to find an entity that identifies in that way)?

What would you like help with (not a replacement for professional medical/legal,etc!)?

Do you have a species preference (we will not always follow this specifically if you choose one species in particular, but we will factor it in to our choosing a compatible companion).

What would you like to do with/for your companion?

Any other notes?


Thank you, and much love <3