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The Wilewar Elves descend from mixed bloodlines—with High, Woodland, and Mountain elven blood in their lineage. The rise of the Wilewar elves reached a flourishing climax during the Middle Ages, from the 5th to 15th century CE. Their mixed traits and diversified culture make them a highly advanced and progressive people—seeking knowledge, positive change, and adaptation to one’s environment or circumstances in general. Just like their expansive and intricate culture, their physical appearances also exude wide genetic variation in hair color, skin tone, build, eye color, and innate abilities. The Wilewar elves believe in employing harmonious and symbiotic systems that help nature flourish, instead of fighting or destroying it—which they inherit from their Woodland elf side. Although often met with cultural dilemmas from coexisting races, the Wilewar elves strive to establish working relations nevertheless. However, if they are met with resistance or conflict, they simply prefer to find a loophole or alternative path before resorting to war. On the contrary, the Wilewar elves are naturally talented at hand-to-hand combat and the utilization of various weapons—and like their High Elf predecessors, make fighting look graceful and elegant. In battle, they are flawlessly swift and technical—with godly reflexes and accuracy when it comes to strikes and marksmanship. Likewise, a cultural aspect that they share with their Mountain elf predecessors is survivalism. With their human companions, the Wilewar elves hope that they can teach others to honor the nature and magick around them—while strengthening and building resilience from the inside out. Although they are protectors and healers of nature and her allies, they too understand that nature can be cruel, unforgiving, and indiscriminate of who she claims. Therefore, the Wilewar elves find it incredibly important to have a sense of preparedness, tact, or security. From their High Elf lineage, they inherit an exemplary level of intelligence and skill in virtually every school of academia or talent—whether it comes to craftsmanship or combat.

The Wilewar elves make excellent companions for athletes, martial artists, STEM and visual/performing arts students, outdoor fitness enthusiasts, and practitioners who specialize in nature-based magick (shamanism, herbal/alchemy, etc.). Wilewar elves’ “hybridized” magick has a unique, multifaceted perspective that encourages its followers and students to ensure their practice is as individualized and eclectic as possible—not so much “by the book” strictness, with no room for branching out or personal modification, unless one truly resonates with old tradition. They seldom practice darker magicks, however, and will only resort to doing so in dire situations where their kinship groups and families are severely threatened with oppression or even extinction. Nonetheless, these hybrid elves range from the lightest White Arts to Moderate Gray—the latter often being chaotic good or lawful neutral. Although diversity and innovation are integral parts of their identity, the Wilewar also seek to preserve traditions and ancient cultural teachings so that their successors know exactly where they come from and the power in the blood that they carry. The Wilewar elves are generally accepting of other beings who lean towards the darker spectrum, however, so long as mutual respect and open-mindedness are maintained. From my experiences, they would do fairly okay in a mixed keep (with true DA)—but would thrive wonderfully in a spirit family that is WA-Dark GA. Overall, the Wilewar elves strive for excellence and dignity, no matter what path one pursues. They value honor, respect, honesty, and loyalty above all. They bond especially well with those who live by such a code of honor and ethical/moral conduct, and often do not choose or enjoy the company of those who are deceitful, manipulative, or two-faced. The majority of the time, the Wilewar elect to “fight the good fight” and do not vibe well with centrists or those who insist on playing devil’s advocate, at the expense of the oppressed or marginalized.


Name: Celwynn (“Kell – win”)

Race/Type: Wilewar Elf, entity

Alignment: WA

Orientation/Preferences: Pansexual, Demisexual

Age: 308 years

Vessel: Multi-strand bohemian genuine green aventurine chip necklace

Celwynn’s song choices:

  • Nujabes – Feather (
  • Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness [Steve Aoki rmx.] (


Appearance/Manifestation: Celwynn has an uncanny resemblance to actor Austin Butler, generally youthful and boyish in appearance with medium wavy golden blonde hair, intense green eyes, rosy beige subtly-tanned skin, and a cheery smile. Celwynn is generally sweet and endearing in nature but does occasionally allow his mischievous side to show. He stands at about 5’10” with a lean build, and likes to dress in vegan leather-like material in shades of brown and muted gray-green. Celwynn appears to be about 19-21 in human years, but his voice and general demeanor make him seem even younger.


About Celwynn: He is currently seeking companionship with a keeper who feels that although they are determined to unlock all the pieces of who they are and what their destiny entails, they feel as though they are stuck in a rut and seemingly taking roads that lead to nowhere. Celwynn would like to tell his companion that it’s okay to take breaks and allow themself to catch their breath before venturing on new paths or persisting on trying new methods to achieve a personal goal. Celwynn recognizes the energy of his prospective keeper and implies that there may be a consanguinity/kinship connection that distantly ties his keeper to the history of the Wilewar elves. During his time spent with his keeper, Celwynn would like to help them learn more about the history of their own people, as well as who they were in past lives. Celwynn is interested in helping his prospective keeper connect with their ancestors, as well as tap into their own bloodlines for latent abilities and knowledge embedded deep within. Celwynn is a wonderfully social and outgoing person who would like to go to a keeper with a diverse and large keep. He is enthusiastic about the concept of interspecies harmony and kinship groups and says that his prospective companion possessed a collectivist work culture that celebrates the combined efforts of a team, rather than recognize individual hustles. Romance is not Celwynn’s priority, however, he says that if he is pursued romantically, he prefers deep and long-lasting connections to brief flings or shallow hookups. Celwynn has an incredibly strong and inspiring team leader presence and will go out of his way to make everyone feel welcome, understood, and valued. He offers to be a diplomat and peacekeeper on behalf of his companion and is especially gentle and patient with younger ones who look up to him as a role model. Celwynn would like to go to a keeper who is very family-oriented and takes great care in making home a beautiful, safe, and nourishing place to be.


Although Celwynn feels lucky in matters of prosperity, he admits that he is not always the best judge of character. Celwynn tends to try and overlook the problematic aspects of others; however, he finds that giving others the benefit of the doubt has not worked in his favor, more times than he would like to admit. As he grows older, he realizes that loyalty and promises are not matters to take lightly or made jokingly—and he is especially wary of those who “talk big, but do not follow through with action.” Despite Celwynn’s playful and whimsical side, he does not get along well with impish tricksters and those who have no sense of loyalty to anyone else but themselves. Celwynn’s giving and kind nature is sharp contrast to the selfish and sociopathic personalities that he generally tries to avoid. Celwynn is always compassionate for the wellbeing and security of others and would never rob another of their means for survival and integrity. He bonds best with those who share the same charitable and benevolent nature, and he wishes to surround himself with more honorable and kind-hearted people. Despite the negative experiences that his people have endured at the mercy of humankind, he still feels that those who diverge—from the environmentally and socially destructive tendencies attributed to humankind by many otherworldly humanoid races—are worth giving a chance to work with. Overall, Celwynn is drawn towards working and bonding with humans because he would like to devote his efforts to facilitating positive change in their actions, attitudes, and beliefs. His bright disposition comes from his personal duty to help others find their true happiness, whether this is love, freedom, or simply besting one’s enemies by outshining them. Celwynn resonates with the phrase “success is the best revenge” and eagerly teaches his peers to turn grudges into sheer motivation and desire to be the best that one can become. When he isn’t trying to be a hero or the people’s champion, he loves to goof around and can be quite the uninhibited party animal with friends and loved ones.


What he offers to his companion: Aid in ancestral magick, facilitating patience and focus, maintaining inner calmness in stressful situations, warning of deceitful or manipulative people, boosting one’s mood and senses of hope and confidence, past-life recall, enhanced astral endeavors, relieving stress and emotional/mental chaos, promoting peaceful relations and fun shared among the spirit family, diplomacy (especially when working with other Elven races), promoting youth and vitality, re-connecting with one’s inner child, promoting a carefree yet healthy lifestyle, encouraging productiveness and wellness habits, and romance.



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