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Name: Viiyal

Frequency: High

Type: Olea Matrix Nymph

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Purple, Orange, Yellow, Blue

Age: 827,051

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Viiyal is a natural adventurer. She is over-eager, some would say – extremely excited to do work on this plane, as it is one she has not worked with before. She is excitable, intelligent, and very connected with all energies she seeks to reach out to. She has a beautifully diverse primal side which can help her companion draw love, lust, and attraction. Her higher-vibrational aspect seeks to connect her companion with their purpose. Her personality is naturally very charming, and she is very loving toward most humans.

Specialties: Crown and Third Eye work, Animal and Totem work, Love, Lust, Friendships, Personal empowerment.

Physical Features: She is a tall, beautiful female with skin that appears to be painted red, purple, and blue. Her eyes are blackened, and her hair seems to light up in the dark.

About: The Olea Matrix Nymph works on the Olea Matrix, a realm that exists on the polarities of the highest and lowest vibrations known to spiritual man. The matrix contains realms that are beyond our perception, even in the astral. The parts of the realm we can sense and experience are extremely powerful in that they can help drive manifestation, can help you develop your psychic skills, and communicate with the most ancient spiritual energies. This plane contains some of the oldest spiritual energies that we have ever come into contact with. The beautiful nymphs of the Olea Matrix help you learn how to manifest and use these energies. If you empower a sigil with the energies  from the highlands (high vibratory region), you will find that it empowers your connection to the astral realms and empowers your third eye & crown chakras. If you empower a vessel or sigil with energies from the Lowlands (low vibration), you will find a stronger connection to body, ancient energies, ancestral energies, and sexual/root chakra empowerment. These beings help you create an energetic framework for anything – whether you are working on shielding, demonic evocation, protective spellwork, hexes other otherwise, the Olea Matrix Nymph can help you naturally empower your work with the strongest energies available. They are also gifted oracles and are capable of showing you the energetic framework or the vibration of various people, items, art pieces, crystals, and otherwise!

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