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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Venetian Vampyre. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order, or leave a message at checkout. 

Venetian Vampyre: The Venetian Vampyre is the epitome of class. They are world-class merchants and hold to their truths like no other entity you have ever seen. They are posh, elegant, and refined, and have a sense of romance that far surpasses that of most vamps. The Venetian is spectacular in the way that they are capable of working love magick on humans, even…and especially… willing participants. If you ask them to, they are capable of helping you remove a lovelorn sensation or a feeling of loss after a breakup, and can help you change your sights rather quickly. They are able to make the most convincing of arguments, can be very playful flirts, and have an abundant sexual energy that is nigh-tangible. They are intense, but beautifully present in the lives of their keepers. You will find this variety of vampire to make themselves unavoidable and impossible to ignore. Their touches tingle or turn into intense heat versus the numbness that many entities bring.

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