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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Velour

Frequency: High

Type: Nightshade Pixie

Tier & Zone: Gold  Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink

Age: 13,980

Gender: Gender Non-Conforming/Agender

Personality Profile: Velour is an interesting entity with a beautiful tapestry of idiosyncrasies that make them particularly fun to have as a guide. They are very much into polyamorous relationships, adventurous lifestyles, nomadic living, and all creative endeavors. They are very talented with music, writing, and lyrics especially. They love to plant things and watch them grow—especially if the fruit borne is a radical change in thought. They love to make people think. Velour doesn’t really mind much about descriptive pronouns, as many Nightshade Pixies come to be without any imbalance of masculine and feminine energy. They don’t really mind any pronoun usage as long as it is polite, but feel that sharing their identity as an agender entity will help them better connect with the individual they wish to work with.

Specialties: Romance, Alternative Lifestyles, Nomadic Living, Traveling, Busking, Gardening, Farming, Homesteading, Music, Lyrical Writing, Magickal Poetry, Earth Magick

Physical Features: Velour got their name from the beautiful rhinestone-studded black velour blazer that they often wear with straight-leg pants and black boots. They have small tattoos on the facial region, and a small pink heart for their sister on the back of their left hand.

About: A variety of pixie that can be equally loved and feared, the nightshade pixies are a bewitching class of pixies with poetic tendencies. These fae are prone to sleeping, however they are able to accomplish philosophical, literary, and artistic feats in their dreams. The trance like sleep they undergo allows them to manifest a pointed consciousness upon awakening, giving them clarity and precision in their magic. In their waking state they are expressive, vibrant, extremely passionate, and contribute monumental ideas and conclusions they have explored in their slumber. In waking they use this surplus of energy in their craft for powerful messages, spells, and energy work.

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