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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Valmir

Frequency: High

Type: Colada Dreamscape Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Pink, Red, Orange, Gold

Age: 17,381

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Valmir is a very passionate, romantic, and creative being with an inflated passion for the gifts that this life can offer his companion. He wishes for them to have love, wealth, and the ability to indulge in all things that bring them pleasure and are truly enjoyable. He is a patient companion to work with and is naturally communicative though he has a mystique about him that keeps his companion engaged and curious.

Specialties: Love, Romance, Lust, Abundance, Positive Dreams, Message Receipt, Art, Poetry

Physical Features: Long dark hair, bright green suits and patterns, satin accents, golden jewelry, bright green eyes.

About: The Colada Dreamscape Vampyre is possibly the most soothing-voiced and lovable being out there. They are very easy to detect because their vibration is so close to the human vibration you may have trouble distinguishing the difference. In many cases you will be able to feel them brush your arm, hear them mention your name, or sense them by a smooth vanilla smell that they carry with them. This variety of dreamscape vampyre is not only able to infiltrate your dreams and get important messages to you through them, but are able to eliminate fear and nightmares. Occasionally we have nightmares as a way to face fears that are not practical to face on a daily basis (violence, etc.) This beautiful being can help you feel more unbeatable in regards to the things that normally terrify you. These beings are wise, warm, and compassionate with voices and words as smooth as velvet. They have a natural allure to them, and the women and men are both very romantic beings. They live in the dream world and come to us during their dream time. Ie. The dream world is their waking time, and the waking world is their dream time. They are always with you, but in different states. This variety of vampyre believes in self soothing and using scents, sights, and mindframes to relax and detach from trauma. Their energy is very slow and relaxing in vibration, and the energy they feed off is generated only in dream-state. You will find no ill effects with this vampyre, only soothing and remarkable charm.

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