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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Tito

Frequency: Medium

Type: Black Rose Sprite

Tier & Zone: High Silver |  Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green

Age: 8963

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Tito is a playful, loving, and open-minded. He is passionate about free love, peace, happiness, and expression through art. He is a very engaging entity and seeks to generate peace, optimism, and beauty in the world around him through his work with his companion. He is a handsome fellow who loves to dance, enjoys theater, and loves to dress up in very fancy and theatrical outfits.

Specialties: Art, Creativity, Music, Gardening, Community, Friendship

Physical Features: He loves to wear linen clothing, baggy pants, and clothing that is reminiscent of 1960’s hippie subculture.

About: Most sprites focus exclusively on joy, nature, and love, but the Black Rose Sprite is a little different. They dress in dark colors, often have piercings of some sort when they manifest, and love body modification. They are beautiful beings with large glowing eyes and flawless skin. These sprites live among nature, but only the nature where death reigns. They usually live in mausoleums, but if the option is available, natural flower beds in cemeteries or large trees are much preferred. They take remnant energy from the dead, as, when we pass, we usually can’t take –everything-. Usually some knowledge, experience, and vital energy is left behind, as it is not as necessary as the trauma and victory scintillae points in the aether. People re-learn things many lives over. So the knowledge to some degree is left over at an estimated 10% as per Claira’s claims. They are able to take this aether, purify it, and take that knowledge, wisdom, experience, and intuition, and give half of it to their keepers. The other half goes into a large compilation that is the stuff of many rumors and secrets. You will find that you have a knack for things that before you might not have. As you gain only trace amounts, you won’t notice right off the bat, but these guys have an effect on you, and will help you gain new knowledge and learn new trades.

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