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This is the Third Eye procedure you have been looking for! So many of these procedures are done using demons or dark arts entities, and many have been looking for a light arts solution to their 3rd eye blind problems. This is a 5 day solution utilizing powers and blessings of Gods and Archangels as well as different exercises and very intensive work between the practitioner, the deities, and the subject. In the rest of the listing, I will explain briefly what these 5 days consist of. This is one way to expand your abilities, get a stronger and more effortless grasp on readings, claircognizence, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairsentience, and operational empathy. The Buy-It-Now price that you see here is for the Platinum Package which includes all 5 days, 3 days (your choice) of tune-ups and chakra alignments, 2 pre-typed 3rd eye expansion exercises, the grounding and cleansing before and after, and a blessing of Hestia.

Plus Package – The 5 Days, Alignments, 2 Exercises - 300

Basic Package – The 5 days, and 1 Alignment, 1 Exercise – 280

Mini Package – The 5 Days, 1 Exercise - 239

If you choose to get one day at a time, the price for each day is: 55.

It is recommended you do these close in proximity to each other if you can. Now, on to information about the procedure!

We also offer, if you want, for an extra charge of $25.00 a piece, plus shipping, Diety Immortal Bindings to each of these gods if you feel you want more work or more closeness with each of them, so you can grow your abilities with them even more! 


DAY ONE: THE DAY OF CLEANSING, ROOTING, HESTIA’S DAY: On day one, you will have your tether solidified between yourself and your higher self, but also will have strong, spiritually crafted grounding roots that will link you to the grounding energy around you. Why do we do this? Well, when you open the third eye, a lot of people have problems where they have uncontrollable travelling in their sleep which can lead to loss of sleep, thrashing or grinding in sleep, or waking up with migraines and unexplained pain. If we ground you so that you won’t travel as easily without putting the initiative forward for it to happen, you are more likely to sleep deeply and restfully. Hestia’s energy will be called upon during this time. She will use her light to help illuminate weaknesses in your aura and chakras to you, and will help strengthen you for the days following. This day CANNOT be skipped. None of them should be, but this primer is ESSENTIAL. This is the pre-op necessary cleanse. Part of this will be removing negative energy and blockages from your third eye and crown areas. We will add an extra cloud of energy here for saturation, so that it will adapt to your vibration (see it as an energy transfusion of sorts. This energy will be used later.)

DAY TWO: THE DAY OF OPENING, VISION, SHIVA’S DAY: On day two, you are fully cleansed and ready after a heavy sleep and good food to resume the next part of the treatment. Shiva’s third eye holds the power to end worlds, but thankfully, the High One will open yours with a little less chaos resulting. Shiva prayers will be done by the staff to ensure that the blessing is secured. By the grace and giving spirit of Shiva, your third eye will be brought open. This may cause headaches and situations as such, but you will begin to feel sensitive to many things around you and start to see more. With this wide opening, you will get a bigger connection to the divine definitely. Your energy vibration will begin to change as this new portal of hidden head-energy is opened. As your vibration rises, you begin to see more things on your new vibrational level. You’ll feel a surge of spiritual power you haven’t felt since you were on your journey to this incarnation. But our work is not yet done!



DAY THREE: THE DAY OF DIVINE AWAKENING AND CONNECTIONS, THE DAY OF METATRON: On this day, you are beginning to be able to use your third eye. On this day, we fill it with the frequencies of the divine! Who knows the frequencies of the divine better than Metatron himself? Metatron is well known as the keeper of the knowledge of God himself. He has the ability to connect you with all gods and divinities through a golden strand and will help you get the blessing of those you are most akin to, letting them know you are on your way and ready for awakenings and knowledge. Once your third eye opens, those Deities that watch over you closest often give you signs as to your true meaning in life. The beauty of this is that you will find fulfillment in some means once you get on your path. Metatron will bless you immensely in this one day, and will use all the energy we offer him in love and kindness. On this day you will find out which deities you serve/are aligned to.

DAY FOUR: THE DAY OF ASTRAL HOTLINING, TRAVEL, THE DAY OF INANNA: Inanna is an astral queen, a queen of the heavens and nature alike. Her specialties cover a long span of different and very important esoteric basics. Inanna is a very important Mesopotamian Goddess. She has been around for a long time, back to the time of mud brick temples known as Ziggurats. Her reign on earth as an astral queen with the path to the heavens in her hands has been known here to incarnates on earth since around an estimated 6,000+ years ago. Since you now have an open eye and a connection to the divine, she will take an energy that had been placed in your field on day one, and blow it open, sort of like fireworks. Little pieces of this energy on your exact vibrational formula will spread across several planes and areas of the cosmos. This will allow you to travel with more ease as you will have roots or “hotlines” to different regions. Most people have trouble because they have to push themselves all the way to the destination. This technique is useful, because, like Spiderman of the comics, instead of stretching all the way, the traveler grabs on to another link (ie, another “web”) to carry themselves to their destination. This puts less stress on the astral core, bodily core, and “silver thread” that links you to astral and physical body, because you can slingshot from place to place without putting stress on those cords. She will put a shield over these astral bodies so outer forces cannot produce harm to you through them, and streamline the process of your plane-jumping. Happy travels!

DAY FIVE: THE DAY OF RECEPTION, AND RECOLLECTION; THE DAY OF JANUS: Janus is the infamous God of Duality, of two faces, of the before, and the after, the present and the future. So what is he helping you do on this very important fifth day? Most people spend most of their lives trying to recall past lives and “catch up.” Janus will bless you with easy recollection. Information from the cosmos will filter into you, so that you can recall it with more speed as you find triggers. He will give us a list of terms to jog memory that we will give you, one a day, or a list all at once (up to you!). He will also activate scintillae (they are like the USB drive of the soul that keeps our “us-ness” when we reincarnate, instead of being empty weird spiritual energy), so that we can open up memories of this life and previous and figure out why we are how we are and why we act how we act. Janus will help you understand the duality within yourself, your specialties, your abilities, and your inner wisdom that you never knew you had!

So… what’s the science behind this? A lot of studies have shown that vibrations change and different energy waves are put off by bodies as “ascension” or spiritual activity happens and rises. The pineal gland where the third eye is located is in charge of a lot of the chemicals that lift us to an ‘enlightened’ state, including chemicals akin to dopamine and the chemicals melatonin and serotonin. The electromagnetic waves that are put off by the human being also changes after third eye use or opening. So what are you waiting for? Jump in and receive the blessings of open eyes!!