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The WONDERLAND Amulet is a powerful piece of one-of-a-kind spellwork! The vessels are varied on this one, so you NEVER know what you are going to get when you fall down the rabbit hole!

The Wonderland Amulet Features:

  • The Hourglass Enchantment - This enchantment helps you speed up or slow down the effects of a magickal working, spellwork, sigil, or casting. You need only hold the vessel and speak your intention.
  • The Crystal Smile - This enchantment empowers your practice in the astral realms. Those who appear composed and in control are less likely to fall victim to psychic attack in the otherworld. This will grant a sage quality to your energy, and will help shield you when you adventure to less-than-safe locales.
  • Dreamer's Garden - This enchantement strengthens the tether between higher and lower self when doing divination or meditation concerning the higher self and this incarnation's purpose/story. Many would not want this tether strengthened all of the time, so this amulet allows you to utilize it when you need it. Understand the needs, wishes, and intentions of the higher self and learn more about your purpose and your personal evolution.
  • Tea Time - This Enchantment strengthens the energies around you that allow you to communicate with your companions or with any earthen spirits. This clear boost to your Third Eye and energetic empowerment will help you communicate more clearly when you wish to, but will help eliminate "free radical" messages that are unwanted or frightening to new practitioners.
  • The Queen of Hearts - This enchantment draws helpful and like-minded individuals and entities to you, helping you in any endeavors that you are passionate about. This spell also helps you separate wheat from chaff and do away with friendships or connections that are more taxing than they are beneficial (to you or your world.)
  • The Rabbit Hole Portis - This is a simple structure that helps you access lands that your mental blocks prevent you from getting to. Instead of attempting to visualize the land and enter that way, or utilize your higher temple, the Rabbit Hole Portis allows you to visualize falling aimlessly through space until you arrive at your destination. This expanse of time allows you not only to connect to the frequency of your destination, but gives you plenty of time to fall into the trance-like state that facilitates such travel. You need only hold the vessel in your dominant hand and say "I wish to access the Portis." Close your eyes and envision the structure of walls around you as you continue to fall through space. Set the intention of your destination before utilizing it, or it is no better than an imaginary space. The Portis is a connection to multiple planes and is used as a way to travel different frequencies with relative ease. Many people have difficulty accessing these different frequencies and "leveling up" or "leveling down" manually. Utilizing this portis will allow your guides and your higher self to direct you to your destination with relative ease.