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The TAROT RA is a powerful and fabulous opportunity. Think about a problem, goal, desire, or dream you have before making your purchase. You may state it in the comments if you like, or keep it to yourself. If you don't have one in mind, you can ask for an identifier of yourself, your life mission, or personal expansion.

We then draw 1 of 78 tarot cards to get your reading. 78 entities have claimed each of the cards, so this deck will not be reshuffled until the end of the event. We will give you the card reading, its meaning, and the silver-to-platinum tier guide that seeks to assist you in this matter and more!

There are entities of all races in this RA, so do make sure and mention if there are any species or creeds you would like to be omitted in your shuffle, so we can get the guide that best suits you! 

We look forward to helping you embrace your inner sage!