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PARANORMAL PARLEY is a series of readings that focus on a single spirit companion, digging into their story and asking them the real questions. These readings have a minimum of 2 pages. The time period in which you receive your reading depends on the length of the queue, but generally can be expected within 2 weeks.

Please include your companion's Name, Species, Gender, and any pertinent details. If this entity is from another seller or your own conjure, make sure you ask them to participate and give honest answers, and give as many details as possible so we can build a stronger connection.

The Profile covers some very important information about your companion. We can cover things such as:

  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Sun, Moon, and Mercury Signs that their formation coincides with or that they identify with.
  • Their Lineage
  • Any Royal Connections
  • Their Family and Relationships Past or Present (you can also mention any you know about already, especially if this is a soul mate companion, and we can dig into that more for you.)
  • Age or Number of Past Lives
  • Favorite Pop Culture aspects,  Movies, and other earthen interests.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Preferences
  • Offering Ideas
  • Gods or Goddesses they may closely work with
  • And more!

We will get through as many questions or line items as we can before running out of alotted space in the reading. If you love what you learn and want more, feel free to buy the reading again!

We will deliver the reading to the email provided to us when you check out. If you require a different email address, please make sure to include that in your order requirements at checkout. 

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