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This basically means pyramid reading, but Ponzi sounded more fun, but trust me, no economic hijinks involved! This one will show you the chain of command for your goals. The cards at the base of the pyramid will describe what foundation you will need for your goals, and then each group moving up to the top will outline the journey that you should take.

Sometimes we know the movements we need to make but honestly have no clue what order they go in. With this reading you will be able to discover what will be the pinnacle of your success, and what the foundation will be. The fun part then is learning everything that goes in between. This can be a question of business, life, love, education, or anything you want it to be. If you have a goal, the Ponzi reading can organize it for you and lay it all out there.


Comes in a document of 2-3 pages.

Please message us through the help button on the FAQ Page if you would rather have this as a skype or phone reading.

The Phone reading would be 30 minutes and the Skype reading would be 25.

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