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The PINNACLE Ritual is an elite ritual that is best conducted for people who are ready for a complete new beginning. This amazing ritual works with something that we call the “Alchemy of Change". It helps to manifest the expedient development and advancement of your spiritual journey. This spell-work is similar in nature to our ‘Ultimus’ ritual, which we only perform in person. In this version, we extend the same blessings of divine potentiation to you. With this rite we petition the Gods to bring about your swift actualization.

Blessings from this ritual manifest in the form of energetic orbs. We will bind these energies to a vessel or send them to you with our remote binding techniques.

With your order we will need the following:

  • Birth Date
  • Set of Goals for the Year
  • Desires for Achievement in Life

This information will be woven into your blessings to set the intention for the blessing. With a clear concept in mind, the Gods will hear our petition on your behalf. Through a variety of powerful pathways, the Divine Will blesses you in your coming year.

The PINNACLE Ritual uses the following associations to achieve this effect:

The Sun: This energy represents the manifestation of your inspiration. The sun is your constant driving force. It is your end goals as well as your inner strength and light. The light of this orb brings the pure energy of your divine purpose to you.

The Star: Your skills, abilities, tools, and spiritual gifts receive empowerment from the star. These aspects of yourself find energy and empowerment from this force. We associate these abilities with an accompanying deity to support your growth with them. Additionally, this aspect of the ritual calls for serendipitous events in the coming year.

The Devil: Representing your struggles and burdens, this aspects of the ritual provides peace. Your 'devils' come forward to receive judgement and ejection from your life. In short order you will learn their lessons with intensity and swiftness. All negative energy and burdens leave you as their banishment closes with this pinnacle.

The Tower: We call down the visions, dreams, and epiphanies necessary to show you your path. With this part of the ritual you see the end result of your efforts. This is a call for clear communication and support from spirit guides and guardians. You will feel a greater sense of direction and be able to communicate your purpose in every action.

The Royal: The energy of royalty is something you should feel. This aspect of the spell encourages your self-confidence and empowers your will. Also, you will garner wisdom and feel better about your decisions over time. As you come into union with this energy, you will feel in control of your life like never before. Royalty knows no obstacle, and you will find the means and connections to assist you in your all your goals.

The Chariot: If you mean to arrive at your destination, it is important to have the right vehicle. This energetic blessing assists you in finding the fastest route on your journey. This aspect of the spell inspires innovation, openness, and flexibility. You will find the medium for success with this part of the spell.

The Wheel of Fortune: This last blessing will be yours to call into the world. The following intentions will be in an incantation we send to you. These affirmations call the summoned energy to you, and ensure your blessings for transformation.

  1. No harm or inconvenience will come that does not lead to my eventual and hastened victory.
  2. No negativity will come to those near me that does not drive them to success.
  3. Every step I take must put me in the realm of plenty. I will make the world a better place, using my gifts to better the lives of those around me.

After you receive and recite the incantation, the ritual is complete. This energy will be bound to you to promote your transformation. Let this be the year that everything snaps into place! Channel the power of the PINNACLE Ritual to ensure it is so.