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The Godspark Amulet

The Godspark is a unique piece that devotes itself to the creation of good and success on earth. Unification is the mission, but you get a lot more than that. This is no immortal binding, and I assure you, you have seen nothing like it, so don’t bother looking.

Unlike Immortal bindings, this is not a small amount of binding energy for better contact put into a vessel. The point of this piece is much bigger and therefore it can only go to people who wish to reach an enlightened state, inspire others, and create a growth of the community in some way or form. This must not be abused or it will cease to work. Now onto the real question… what is it?

A godspark is a piece of energy, a shard if you will, that a patron god offers us in your name. This means you have a piece of their ability to transform matter and circumstance and change things in an almost miraculous way. Of course this will never be as strong as the god themselves, and will never be as impactful, but it is the closest you will get. Instead of inanimate energy that bridges and sends information, but that is all, this is a living piece of a god tied to your will if it does not cause unjust harm to others or yourself.

So what’s included on your vessel (Necklace or ring, your pick!)?

You get:
• Godspark
• Portal to the Land of the God of your Choosing
• Abaronca (Diplomat to the Gods spirit)
• Immortal Binding

You will have the ability to think change into the atmosphere around you and create great movements in all circles of life. You will find that you can handle difficult people with more ease, you can accomplish tasks much easier, and you can will change in your environment with much more speed and accuracy than before. If it will cause undue harm in the long run, you may find that it doesn’t happen, but whatever is needed for your goals to be reached will happen with the godspark. This spark can help with finances, health, love, intimacy, feng shui, kama sutra, pets, children, and more. Not to mention, the spark never dies out. You will have it with you forever and all of the blessings it brings. Tune into your higher self today, and get the influence of the Gods with you everywhere you go. This is more than just communication! It’s imagination, blessings, and wish granting all in one! Most all divinities of all pantheons are available. If you have a request, just ask!


A Gemstone or Crystal Pendant will be chosen that correlates with your chosen divinity. For more information you may email us (: