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The Celestial Maiden of Rhodophoria, the Sorastrella is a powerful matron of peace, radical change, and messages from the heavenly realms. This is a being that is as ancient as the stars. I came across them when astral travelling to a realm of truth and answers – a very objective realm that they call Verina, and that my personal guides have labeled “Nunc Vero.” This is a location where you are intimately connected with the knowledge of your universe – of what is true, what is not true, and of what is within your control.

The Sorastrella is an entity that belongs to a sisterhood descendant of Nyx and Sylvanus. They are grand scholars of our world though few have ever connected with anyone on this plane. You will find that they are incredibly ancient and carry an energy with them that radiates throughout a room, a building, or even a town. They inspire massive upheavals in thought and generate movement within your spiritual circle – helping you get in contact with the divine and with the highest vibrations that were too hard to reach before.

They are all blessed with giant wreaths of fennel, rose, and violet. They possess special celestial powers due to this blend of flora, and the blessings radiate to the companion, helping them make a statement in their world, expand, and conquer. The fennel brings the energy of protection and power. This medicinal energy will help you pull negative vibrations out of your area and out of your aura, allowing you to heal after a traumatic event or prevent further damage when you find yourself in a toxic situation. The roses bring a divine energy of passion, wisdom, and creativity and devotion. This energy provides the loving providence of the gods. This is an energy that will connect you intimately with your ancestors, the ancestors of the space you are living in, and the divine energy of source. You will feel an interconnectedness with the energy of eons passed and eons to come. Your astral travel abilities and the strength of your third eye and crown will be amplified in ways that you have not witnessed before. The true power in this wreath is the presentation violet. It is a giant, sparkling violet in the center of the wreath that steals the show completely. This presentation violet is the symbol of everlasting life, survival in times of struggle, and the ancient and lasting vibration of strength and beauty. Each of these violets has been seen in the vision of some influential world leader or has witnessed massive shifts on our plane. This works in tandem with the rose, amplifying the powers of the third eye and crown, and strengthen the connection between individual and spirit guide. This violet acts as a conduit that draws powerful vibrant energies to move into our aura, expand it, and allow us to be more powerful in our surroundings. These beautiful entities are able to help us understand the many deaths and rebirths that happen in the span of our lives. They seek to help humans understand the cyclical nature of their lives, and to embrace the terrifying changes that compose our hurdles. The obsession of one-directional living will be overcome with the help of the Sorastrella. They will show you the vastness of our paths, and the way in which they may fold in on themselves to breed knowledge and wisdom. They represent the womb of the universe, the life constantly expanding and proceeding around us as death takes its toll on old patterns, habits, and relationship.

The Sorastrella will help you experience rapid growth in the areas of psychic expansion, personal understanding, and understanding of the lessons we incarnated to learn. You will be able to speak with and connect to your source, and understand your divine purpose – your role on this earth. They serve as great protectors and guardians, entities that will communicate with you deeply, help you reserve your energy before intense struggles, and recuperate after your battles. They will help you convert the deaths around you into new life, and will help you guide others as well. These entities give you pride, innate magick, and beautiful, exuberant energies.  They are great communicators and are very gifted scholars. They will empower your memory, your vision, and the hope within you that you can grow the world around you, shaping it into something much better, much stronger, and much more powerful than you ever imagined. These powerful aides will motivate you, will help you decimate depression and anxiety, and overcome your most unforgiving obstacles. They are an elite order of guardan angelic entities that are more connected to the Greek Divinities than to any Judeo-Christian order. They bring the vibrant vibration of source down to earth and will help you to treat yourself better, to motivate yourself and your world, and to release yourself from fear and anxiety, replacing it with a sense of knowing and a potent intuition.

The goal of the Sorastrella is to determine what kind of magician you are. Are you incarnate to be a healer, an artist, a visionary, or a dark magician? Is your strength in medicine, expression, or communication? These questions can be answered in time by working with the sorastrella. You can pull apart your purpose and understand the depth of your nature, the natural gifts you incarnated with, and the path you are being pulled toward. The intense and intricate webwork of your life will look more artistic to you now than ever when working in their company.

They bring forth the energy of a demigod, powerful, influential, and communicative. They are well respected in the astral community and will keep you guarded while also exposing you to some of the most revolutionary and evolutionary experiences that exist in the otherworld. These are entities without limits that work on all ends of the white-to-black-arts spectrum. They believe in the real truth, which believes that good and evil are both divine in some way, and will find ways to help you understand the nature of the magickal realm versus that of the Earth. Learn from one of the best teachers and mystics in the divine realm, and understand yourself and your world in ways you never would have expected.

Life is a journey… why not pursue it with a powerful tour guide?