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Reading: The Carnation Spread
# of Card Spread: 8; Page length will vary.
About: The Carnation Reading is your “They love me, they love me not” reading taken to the next level. This reading analyzes you and your suitor, and if you have any past life quarrels or connections, what faults you will have to understand and cope with in each other, and the most important aspects to making your relationship, in particular, successful. This is a romantic bevvy of information that will let you know all about the connection you two share, and what will make it sink or swim. Using 8 cards, we will determine if you two are meant to be, or if you’ll be struggling to make a diamond out of charcoal. Are you worried you may be wasting your time? This is the reading you need – it’s time to get the truth about your sweetie before Valentine’s Day!

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