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The BONFIRE Blessing is a limited offer Amulet that works to maintain and monitor the energy in your home, workplace, or classroom. They can be moved around but are definitely made to have a home for as long as possible.

These beautiful lead crystal drops reflect light throughout the home and come with different beaded designs that are all one-of-a-kind! The layers of spellwork on this piece are constructed to bring peace of mind to a home, motivate unity, and create a safe, sanctified space where energy raised doesn't naturally dissipate so quickly, and where positivity and a sense of home are more of a lingering and permanent vibration. With the major energetic shifts occurring around the world, many people are having issues with feeling at-home in a world that seems to be facing a lot of impermanence. The Bonfire Blessing is an amulet that will help you combat these notions and overcome the negative associations with impermanence. 

Our goal is to help you enjoy your space more and do beautiful, life-changing work there with those you love. 

The spells on this vessel have cute names but pack a real punch.

They are:

Bonfire: This general enchantment fills your home with positivity and allows you to control the vibration with intention much easier than you may have been able to before. Many homes seem energetically "porous," and for that reason, it seems that we are putting so much more energy into maintaining space than ever before. This spell helps create a shield of retention for positive, calming, or productive vibrations.

Potluck: Potluck is an enchantment that aids with bringing people together inside of the home, and allowing everyone to exist  on an even vibration. A lot of struggle happens when people attempt to bring joy into the home only to have it met with a permanent low-vibe. Potluck allows you to empower the home with positivity so that the tug-of-war won't have to happen as much or with as much severity.

Cinnamon Bliss: Cinnamon is the herb of productivity, wealth, and abundance. Let this fiery, passionate energy motivate you and keep a sensation of wealth, health, and happiness in the home.

Evergreen Enchantment: The Evergreen Enchantment aids with maintaining vibration in the home. This lovely dual shield keeps negative energy out, and positive energy in. When you have this item in your home, you will find that energy raised there doesn't dissipate quite as quickly unless you send it away on purpose. This enchantment also empowers the other spells on the piece.