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This wild-harvested tansy is in whole-flower form and has a light fragrance -- it has long been used for health and wellness, and we have some of the best right here!

Magickal Uses:
Tansy has long been an herb associated with health magick. In lore, alchemists would use tansy for immortality potions and would also make the blossoms into salves to bring longevity, invisibility, and to ward evil and negativity out of the home. It is associated highly with the element of earth and goddesses of illusion. It would make an amazing offering to djinn and demons.

Health Uses:  Though many native americans used it in salves and potables to eliminate backaches and pains, the best use for this herb now is used mainly as a natural herbicide. Combine it with a carrier oil or water and spray -away- from you on a deck or patio to ward bugs.

Consumability: Not Recommended. Tansy has a high toxicity when in contact with the skin and can cause contact dermatitis. Consumption can negatively affect the liver and digestive tract. We recommend not consuming it at all.

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.