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The SUPER★SEER Amulet/RA is a very effective amalgam of all of our strongest third eye boosting, crown chakra empowering, and psychic skill altering spellwork into one beautiful rose quartz vessel. 

The SuperSeer Amulet features many layers of spellwork to help you get what you want out of life and your daily interactions. 

  • Violet Vision - This enchantment empowers you to align your perception with reality, loosening the ties of fear, and pulling down delusion. This visionary enchantment works to push the spell-keeper to open themselves up completely to the reality of what they see, feel, and sense, and understand the messages of muddled frequencies with more clarity.

  • Neptune's Orbit - This is a third eye spell that taps you in with higher frequency energy. This will likely give you headaches for a few days before you realize that you are beginning to get in touch with spirits, the cosmos, and the gods much more. You may start out tired, but you will see better than ever with this new spell. This spell will help you open your third eye and experience the spiritual world around you with a new zeal and zest. This small boost will help you get to a point where regular spiritual exercise can help you see more vividly every day!
  • Celestial Boon II - This third eye and crown spell will connect you to your higher self, help foster communication to spirits and entities around you, and will help you connect to your patron or matron god/energy. This spell was also used in the Pathfinder's pearl, but this version will be empowered with an energy of connection to the energetic matrix, allowing you to take what you need when you are feeling tapped.
  • Spica Portal -The Spica Portal connects to the otherworldly energy of the luminous star Spica. It is a fixed star in the Virgo constellation and is a very powerful star to source energy from. The portal to this energy is one that will remain open for one hour after opening, or until active work within the portal has ceased. The Spica Portal connects to an endless energetic frequency of abundance, kindness, happiness, family and relationship harmony, and hard work. The energy from this portal can be summoned to give effective energy to those who struggle to be productive and to pull intense amounts of crown energy at one time for communication to source or higher self. Spica is the star of communication, wealth, and refinement. Through the power of this star, you can hone your approach to your dreams, summon the words of ancestors to inspire you, and accrue, maintain, and spread wealth to those around you. This star is signified by the Empress in tarot, and is a powerful frequency of leadership. Even if you are meek and mild, or are rather afraid to step forward and take advantage of the large-scale opportunities in front of you, this energy can help motivate you and empower you to be brave. This powerful portal can also create a beam of pure light energy that allows Ancestors to communicate with you more clearly.
  • Diamond Mind - This spellwork is a platinum level spellwork that approaches the energies of your crown chakra, opening this portal between higher and lower self. When meditating, thinking, or spending time alone, this spell will activate to help you understand your purpose, take your time in life, be more patient toward yourself, and more understanding of your limitations. This spell helps you connect with the understanding that you are moving at the right pace and that fear does not belong in your life.                                                                                           
  • Crystal Lotus Song - Crystal Lotus Song is a spell that brings you into alignment with the many different vibrations of the planes in which we exist. You will not feel as much of a lifting feeling when you travel from plane to plane, and will be able to communicate with other planes without energetic tapping. You will also feel a greater connection to the other people around you and will be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings more effectively. This is a spell that will encourage your spiritual body to communicate and create small ties with all others, that you may understand them more thoroughly, and will also give you a greater sense of patience, calm, and understanding in the face of drama or difficult tasks.

=Pop! Magick RAs=

If you want only the amulet, choose AMULET ONLY.

If you want the amulet with a Reverse Adoption of Bronze - Gold tier, choose BASIC RA.

If you want the amulet with a Revese Adoption of Platinum - Mythical tier, choose DELUXE RA.

The Pop Magic! RAs will always focus on the focal point of the amulet itself, though specific details are much appreciated!

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