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Are you tired of being dealt the short hand? Are you fed up with people always expecting the most from you and never returning the offer? Lemonade is a three-level spellwork that we are only offering until the end of the season! 

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Spell Name: Strawberry Lemonade

Strength: Deluxe

Onset: 1 Day

Duration: 2 Weeks

Empowerment: Calm, Patience, Relaxation, Stoicism

EffectStrawberry Lemonade helps you handle difficult situations with more ease. This is a spell that grants you refreshing patience, especially when dealing with in-laws, an irritating ex, a household full of kids, or a tyrant boss. If you are having a difficult time relaxing in the heat of chaos, the Strawberry Lemonade spellwork will help sooth your last nerve and will bring you relaxation. You will also find yourself thinking rationally about the weaknesses of others and perceiving any slights done to you as a weakness of theirs instead of an attack on you. 

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