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The Spell Candy Collection contains spells that are not only powerful, but are convenient, and easy to use. They are ancient spells rewritten for a modern society, and for the modern magician.These affordable pendants are chosen at random as per the spell you choose, and are full of magickal potential. 

Your luster a little lacking? Find yourself in a career or social situation where you have to be more social, charismatic, and alluring, but having trouble branching out? This incantation, when worn, will help provide you with the bonus boost of charisma, confidence, and excitement that you need to get the most out of a social environment. You will find yourself feeling more vibrant, excitable, and creative when in the presence of others, and will be able to easily make an elevator pitch or seal a deal. This skill is essential in today’s job market and in today’s social climate. It is important that we are able to stand up for what we believe in, be it politics or a product, and if you are a person of many opinions, but a metaphorically quiet voice, it’s time to get em’ charmed! You may notice a considerable change in your romance, in your business, and in how you even treat yourself!

Note: Spell Candy Enchantments come on a small stone pendant of our choosing. If you would like this enchantment cast on another vessel you may order one from our Boutique Vessels section. These enchantments are not available for remote binding.