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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Skadian Paladin. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order, or leave a message at checkout. 

Skadian Paladin:

The Paladins of Skadia are the merciful high protectors of all of the children, women, and innocents on their plane. These are one of few majority male entity types I have found that deal with healing from trauma and contain a patience within them that is so sweet and enduring, it is honestly amazing. These handsome fellows are romantics at heart, are expertly trained swordsmen, and are able to speak upwards of 100 languages, both telepathic and verbal, meaning they can work together with all kinds of forces to protect you and help you heal from any sort of pain or trauma you have endured. They are very kind and mild, not rowdy like many paladins, and will usually post right outside your door as you sleep. When feeling sad or weak, hold their vessel, and they will send you a warm lavender energy that will bring you calm.

Recommended Tier: Any