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Reading Collection: SimpliRead

Reading Type: Mater, Pater – Your Matriarch and Patriarch God Cheat Sheet

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About: In most cases, people don’t realize who their matron or patron gods are, or how the system even works. These are gods that pulled energy to help you ‘be,’ gods that are innately in your celestial ‘bloodstream’. You may find that gods from completely different pantheons compose this pairing, or even the same god in male and female aspects. In some cases, there were many – we have done readings for people with 10 patrons, and, in the same turn, one woman who had only one, a matron. We will dig up as much information as we can to see who is in your bloodline. If you know one of your patrons or matrons and wish to know about another, feel free to let us know so we don’t waste time informing you of someone you are already close with! Let’s get this family reunion started!


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