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Reading Collection: SimpliRead

Reading Type: Plants and Herbs Reading

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About: Sometimes people use herbs to help them heal, others use them to grow spiritually – and some simply want to find the herb that boosts them in the overall sense. Yes, it’s true, everyone has their associative herb that will amplify their personal energy. Whether you are looking for herb to help with a medical or mental issue, or are looking to get more in touch with your higher self, you will find the solution In this reading. We are excited to offer a comprehensive guide to the herbs you should work with for your personal energy! Think there’s a long list? Order multiples of this reading! Necessary Note: We recommend that you ask your doctor before ingesting anything, and please be mindful of allergies—though we are psychics, we cannot be legally responsible for a lavender allergy you never knew you had. Be careful out there. <3 <3


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