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The SILVER LINING RA is custom catered to each individual person, their needs, their fears, and what they need healing for!

These are very specifically chosen companions, and we only reach out to those who are very passionate about working with the companion who is asking.

If your goal or overcoming is related to a group, this bundle can be applied to up to three people (with the same two RA's and Spells) as long as you include their information!

This bundle includes:

TWO GOLD tier RA's in the gender/arts classification you request.

TWO spells on the amulet.

ONE free gift!

If you choose the "Thrifty Witch" Option, your RA's will be Silver!

All we need is a little info to help connect you with the most compatible companions!

1. What is your biggest goal right now?

2. What is your biggest struggle?

3. Do you have any other entities you are connected to?

4. Do you have any rules or restrictions?

5. What is your largest fear?

6. What do you need help in overcoming?

Using these six questions and anything else you would like to add, we will connect you with two amazing entities that are compatible with you and a spell kit + enchantment that will help you empower your own life through easy magick practices.