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SERPENT'S KISS is an amazing RA Amulet that our dark art's companions came up with that we believe you will absolutely love! This is an amulet oriented at helping you find your true self, overcome obstacles, and really boost your spiritual pursuits during this beautiful and haunting fall season.

Included you will receive:

  • One of THREE species never before seen which will NEVER come back to the store! Tier: Gold-Platinum.

If you don't connect with this species through this RA, you simply won't meet them, so make sure to reserve your amulet! The species are: 

 - Demon's Glass Serpent: an entity with a powerful punch. A fearless companion who will show you prophecies, future events, and current secrets through the form of powerful dream-visions. Great communicators and guardians, very archaic energy.

- Xander's River Ubi: These are powerful incubi and succubi that are determined  to help their companions root out fear and give into pleasure. They are  very playful, very smart, but also seek to help their companions break through their traumas or betrayals. They can use sex magick to make  very potent hexes and wards as well, and love using it.
-Orielle Vampyre: These Vampyres are playful, tender, and loving companions that help you overcome your personal boundaries, fears, and anxieties. They utilize energy from your environment to help you power through obstacles and to understand when you are being used, manipulated, or tormented so that you can stand up to those taking advantage of you, or quickly find a way out. They are very helpful on subjects of redemption, and can help you re-evaluate your life and reinvent yourself in the midst of order or chaos. 
- Hollander's Fanged Demon Steed: These powerful creatures are very naturally in-tune with the powers of darkness and light. They are great at transporting you to different planes, helping you connect with the gods of death and rebirth, and protecting yourself from evil. They are very much positive defenders in your life, but also will bring you a lot of visions and psychic awareness.
  • A connection to the Ephemeral High Lady Cavaris, Page of the Spirits.
  • A Powerful "Otherworld Portal" Enchantment that works to aid you in fluid movement from one plane to another, clear astral sight, and ease of communication with your companions. More information will be included in the packet!