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The Eclipse of Aquarius collection are different packages of readings, entity connections, and spellwork that will help you during one of the most influential periods in time Astrologically. The time period between 2017 and 2018 is an extremely trans-formative time period, riddled with immense challenges, huge victories, and amazing opportunities toward manifestation. The collection is called Eclipse of Aquarius to represent the fresh start and the revelations that will come through this time period. These packages are meant to pull you closer to your higher self, to show you the truths of this incarnation for you, and to help you adjust your frequency. This combination will help you bring about revelations, reflections, and affirmative actions that can possibly change your life in astounding ways. The energy created by these bundles will impact you, helping you develop a scintillating, revolutionary experience during this refreshing era. With the year of retrogrades behind us (almost every planet went through the phase!), and the Saturn Rulership taking us in a fresh direction, your spiritual acuity and knowledge are going to go through the proverbial roof. An era of personal and universal revolutions is not complete without the establishment of intention, a team, a review, a vision. Open up the door to opportunity -- swing it wide open, and you would never believe what you may find.

These entities are hand-picked to be strong friends, reliable companions, and intuitive beings that will challenge you, bolster you, and empower you through the different tides of life. If you feel that an entity was not a right pick for you, or you want to know why they were interested, email us at and we will try to assist you in a timely manner.

The Serendipity EoA is a bundle for the business person, the guru, the student, the 9-to-5er, or anyone who is trying to get ahead in life, and drape themselves in luck. This is a bundle for the person who can evoke positivity within themselves, as it will be the only ingredient needed for this rich opportunity!

With this EoA you will get:

Spell: Hot Money Mama [Unlisted Platinum Edition]

Herbal Blend:

A Luck-Drawing blend of Mistletoe, Nutmeg, and Star Anise that will bring you abundance and a feeling of security. Great for burning in a cauldron or fire-safe bowl. The blend can also be left out un-burned as an offering. Energy-Gems can be substituted if mentioned in the order comments!

Reading: The $10,000 Pyramid Reading

Entity:  Platinum Tier Luxuriant Djinn of Khorapeh AND Covenstead Vampyre - Fortuna's Fountain