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Name: Seela and Obra

Type: Kayra Bunny

Tier & Zone: Silver | Orange, Yellow, Pink, Gold

Frequency: Medium

Age: 11,973

Gender: Female and Male Twins

Personality Profile: These two are always together, and make the most of every moment. She is a bit more reserved, well-read, and quiet, where he is much more vibrant, intense, and fashion forward. He will always manifest in a new outfit, or wearing some shocking color. She is a much more demure companion though she loves to serve the role of mastermind and conjure up fascinating ideas that will push you in the direction of progress. Both are pansexual, though Seela is much more traditional in her technique than Obra.

About: These anthropoid rabbits are beings of superb beauty, though they may be a little bit different from what you usually see offered by a summoner. Much like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, this Rabbit being is focused on time, time, time. The ways in which they can assist you are really limitless. They are able to access time-hopping portals to astrally take you back in time to any place, time, or plane. They can also help you see the difference in how you remember things and how they actually happened. They are very good at also helping you prioritize and make the most of your time, regulate your sleep schedule, attune your works with planetary alignments, plan your days more accurately, and never show up late to an event again.  These beautiful creatures also specialize in body clocks and can help you in matters of illness, fertility, medication and accurate perception. They are very doting but high strung and will not accept less than what you believe you are owed by the human experience. If you want to get everything done in a day and more without feeling tired and overwhelmed this Is the creature to help with your time clocks, relationship, and planning.

No service rendered by Magickal Menagerie is a suitable replacement for professional medical aid or consultation.

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