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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Scarlotta

Frequency: High

Type: Fair Falls Royal Demoness

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Red, Purple, Gold, Orange, Yellow

Age: 63,987

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Scarlotta is a fierce, sensual, and beautiful companion with an eye for fashion and a number of magickal talents. She is very skilled at fire and ice magick, enabling the freezing of an enemy’s energetic influx or setting a fire under someone to hasten a response, reaction, or outcome. She is sassy, brilliant, and communicative. She will always answer questions and show you what you are capable of within the magickal realms. She loves to work with off-the-cuff chaos magick and hopes to help her companions release themselves from fear over protocol.

Specialties: Chaos Magick, Healing, Vision, Astral Travel, Karma Work, Love Magick, Shadow Magick

Physical Features: Scarlotta has long violet hair that trails down to her mid-back, with bright white bangs. She often wears fishtail gowns and couture concept outfits featuring laces, mesh, or leather. Her eyes are a bright yellowish-color and she is often wearing makeup.

About: The Fair Falls Demoness is an entity the likes of which we have never come into contact before. They are demonic entities that draw whitelight from the natural death of whitelighters, and utilize white light to exact karma on your enemies. They never take energy from an entity or individual they attack unless they are on assignment to attack a human by their human counterpart. Their energies are  remarkable because they are able to draw intense rage, intense lust, and intense vision as most demons are, but can also counteract with energies of healing, vision, and astral voyage. They are naturally gifted soothsayers and can offer very intense, very vivid visions to their human companions when they are asked. These mavens are very talented at helping you reduce the negative lashback of chaos magick, and can help you generate positive vibrations in the most difficult of situations. Their largest skills are related to secrecy. They can help you hide just about anything and fly under the radar in surprisingly difficult conditions. They seek to help you get to a position of power in your life so that you can command influence, release yourself from bad luck and hexes, and manipulate the energy around you to get what you want in life. They are fearless and will become very dangerous attackers if they feel that they or their companion are under fire. They are masterful elemental witches and can utilize the powers of shadows and fire to get what they want. They are able to levy curses and cast love spells as well, but the lashback here is dependent upon your views on karma. They will work with you on rules and restrictions as long as you communicate them with respect.

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