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Master Vessel with Vampire Overseer

A master vessel is created with massive amounts of energy to hold and integrate multiple guides at one time. Master vessels help to carry your guides with you. If you are a keeper who is planning on extending their family, a master vessel helps to minimize the number of vessels in your collection, and allows you to organize certain types or groups of companions for different spiritual work.

This listing is for us to create a master vessel for you, and to attach a platinum or legendary vampire guide to your vessel. Included with the spellwork and guide, we will hunt for the perfect vessel for your everyday wear. We set aside a budget with which to purchase a vessel for you and will find one to fit your specifications. This process may take some time, but in the end, you will have the perfect custom piece fitted to enhance your experience with your guides.

The overseer of this vessel will be a vampire guide that we find for you. This guide will be a reverse adoption and is accompanied with a reading about the guide and how they would like to operate in your life. Your overseer will help to communicate the messages of the other guides and to deliver this information in a succinct manner. The stronger your relationship is with the overseer, the more they will help you to integrate the messages of all the guides attached to the vessel.

Additionally, if you have guides that you would like to attach to this vessel upon purchase or in the future, we will perform the bindings for free to our master vessels.

A master vessel includes:

  • Custom Jewelry fitted to your taste
    • We will accommodate your specifications as far as sizing, preferred gemstones, style, type of vessel (i.e. gemstone piece, pendant, ring, bracelet, etc.) up to a $50 value
    • OR include one of our Glampire Boutique Vessels up to that price.
  • The following Platinum Enchantments
    • Magic Sight (Sensing Spiritual Energies and Messages)
    • Straight and Narrow (Chakra Alignment)
    • Clean and Clear (Aura Cleansing Enchantment)
    • Spiritual Gateway (Empower access to your Spiritual Temple)
    • Stellare Power Spell (Energetic Enhancement of the Vessel)
  • Platinum or Legendary Vampire Guide Reverse Adoption
    • To fit your purchase of Master Vessel
    • Guide based on your specifications (i.e. you may chose a custom conjure of a specific type of vampire; qualities, gender, abilities, attitude etc.)
  • Reading and Messages from Your Overseer
    • How they will communicate with you
    • What they would like to help you do (we cater to your specifications)
    • Information on caring for the vessel and the attached guides.
  • FREE Remote Binds to Vessel for Life
    • Any spirits from us that you would like attached to your master vessel can be remote bound free of charge.
    • We give you a code for free shipping that you can use in our store as our remote bind fee is included as shipping costs.
  • One FREE Transfer of Selected Guides upon Creation
    • If you have guides in your keep that you would like to be connected with this vessel, we will bind them to the new vessel after it arrives

Note: Master Vessels may take months to create depending on how specific they are. Most of this time is spent finding the perfect vessel and waiting for it to arrive. Next, the spellwork and charging of the vessel takes around a week as we have to cleanse the vessel and energize it. We would like anyone considering a master vessel to take this into account when ordering. Of course we will always do our best to keep you informed and up to date about your custom piece.