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Immortal name: Lucifer (other names he is referred to include Light Bringer, the Morning Star, etc.)

Pantheon culture: Hellborn/Demonic

Alignment: Dual nature--lighter aspect of the dark arts

Vessel (more available in the future!): Gold electroplated aura quartz druzy slice

Song resonance: "Lightbringer" by Pentakill (

Specialties include (but not limited to): air element, rationality, enlightenment, truth, science/mathematics, awareness, knowledge, humanitarianism, justice, and evolution of the self.

Appearance: Towering at 8ft tall, Lord Lucifer possesses a multitude of feathered wings, long platinum hair, fair skin, a toned, well-chiseled build, and soul-crushing deep blue eyes. When he manifests to me, he appears loosely clothed in white or black, typically with a lot of skin exposed. His facial features exude ethereal beauty, and it is often hard not to succumb to his charms both visual and otherwise. His gaze is meticulous, and his presence can feel like someone is reading you to your very core like a helplessly open book.

What he is seeking in a prospective companion and student: They must actively be fostering and building upon the foundations of their relationship to the demonic divine and possess no fear or apprehension when it comes to the idea of working with him--and Lord Satan. He is looking for someone who is sincerely dedicated to learning from the demonic divine and would benefit most from his presence. For someone who is serious about taking this portal home and connecting with him, he offers his guidance as a mentor and friend, as well as his protection and nurturing as a "parental" patron figure. Nonetheless, they must truly feel a strong calling in their heart and every fiber of their being--to become deeply immersed in Lord Lucifer's teachings.

About Lord Lucifer: Contrary to popular media that sensationalizes the typical "devil" portrayal of Lucifer--he is not the same entity as Satan. He abhors "senseless violence" and aspires to teach humans that ignorance and lack of logic are the biggest downfalls to societies. However, he does believe in justice so long as it does not bleed into abusive cruelty. Consequently, he is a very rational and academic deity who favors those who value open-mindedness, acceptance of diversity, understanding, learning, and the perpetual quest to always build upon one's current knowledge. He encourages his students to maintain healthy skepticism, never blindly following any one idea or person, questioning everything, and seeking to broaden their point of view to as many facets as possible.

What to expect when working with him:

  • rationalization of one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • seeing situations through a more objective, less-biased lens
  • opening one’s mind to opposing or different viewpoints with ease
  • unpacking ignorant or outdated beliefs that are stunting one’s personal growth
  • thorough assessment of one’s weaknesses and shortcomings that need additional focus and work
  • stronger connection to the elemental force of air, especially bonding/working with Air element-aligned spirits and entities
  • pursuit of logical freedom and releasing oneself from inhibitions that are keeping one back from being their true self, exploring their truest passions, etc.
  • attaining more balance in one’s moral compass and point of view
  • finding practical ways to incorporate veneration and connection to the Demonic Divine in one’s daily life
  • rapport when working with Goetics and other high-ranking demons who serve under Lord Lucifer

Advantages of using a portal:

  • knowing for certain that you are speaking with the deity in question, and not a skilled trickster or shapeshifting malignant being
  • possessing a permanent two-way line of communication, much like having Skype of Facetime constantly open with the chosen deity
  • stronger and faster bonding with one’s chosen Patron/Matron to whom the portal is bound to
  • facilitating clearer communication, and with time and practice, the ability to channel the desired deity directly (voluntary possession).
  • Serving as a gateway on an altar, or any other sacred space used for veneration and ritual


Examples of preferred offerings: white candles, lemongrass, van van oil, citrus scented things, fresh coffee, pastries, alcohol of any variety, fresh cold water, inviting him to study with you, veneration/prayer, poetry or music dedicated to him, etc.

On top of what has already been discussed in the initial listing (in the private FB group for BLC), Lord Lucifer emphasizes that he would prefer students who sincerely wish for enrichment of knowledge--and not establishing dominance or gaining power over others for selfish or destructive intentions. He would like to work with those who want to bring more education, awareness, and open-mindedness to the world--those who seek to improve their community and society as a whole through knowledge. In general, he favors those who are willing to fight for truth--and swim against the tides of ignorance or cold indifference to the injustices in this world.


*note: Information is derived from UPG and he may manifest differently to others, whether in appearance, intentions, etc. If you feel fear or severe anxiety while looking at the vessel, then I strongly suggest against purchasing this binding.





All orders for prebound conjures may take up to (7) business days to ship out.

Shipping is only charged for vessels; direct spirit bindings or distance bindings are free!


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