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Immortal name: Leviathan
Alignment: Moderate Dark
Vessels:gold electroplated blue agate slice pendant--more vessel options coming soon!
Song resonance: "Keep it Close" by Kerli and Seven Lions (

Specialties include but not limited to: All matters stemming from the sacral chakra, emotional depth/harmony, empathic ability, shadow work, water element, justice, protection of the innocent (especially against abusive and toxic people), compassion, cleansing/blockage removing, finding acceptance for the self/others, intuition, gentleness/kindness/grace, honesty, creativity, family harmony, fertility, wisdom, and good judgement (of character).

Appearance: When working with him, he appears as a M A S S I V E sky-scraper sized sea serpent with blue-black obsidian and charcoal colored dark scales and completely blacked out eyes. He recently showed me a humanoid form, which looked like a very tall (8ft) man with long black hair, ashen blue-gray skin that still retains some black scaling, and the same completely blackened out eyes like fathomless deep sea depths.

What he is seeking in his prospective students: They must be better listeners than talkers and truly feel like they put a great effort into having thorough understanding and awareness--while maintaining emotional and cultural sensitivity towards others. They must be empathic towards the hardships, suffering, and pain in the world-- and have a strong calling for bringing compassion and healing to others. Lord Leviathan favors those who keep it 100% with friends and remain unwaveringly genuine towards those with sincerity and good intentions. They must have a strong sense of temperance and self-discipline--especially in regards to shadow work and addressing the most corrupt, volatile, damaging, traumatic, chaotic, or cruel aspects of oneself in a highly analytical and introspective way that yields for positive change and evolution/transformation of the self.

About Lord Leviathan: Despite his terrifying size in both his serpent and humanoid forms, he is a very calm, open-minded, and gentle personality. His presence alone can be very therapeutic and soothing--especially for those who are inclined to the comfort of the shadows and black depths of darkness during times of stress or pain. He has a very fatherly and nurturing quality to him, and he always has a tremendous amount of insight to give for those who show sincerity/honesty and spill their heart to him. Even the most hidden or bottled-up pains, emotions, and thoughts are clear as day to him and he is quick to respond with words like tides of graceful tranquility and peace of mind. As a Patron, he is very involved in the progress and overall well-being of his followers and will lovingly carry them through their most difficult and trying times. He has multiple wives and has a very free-flowing, uninhibited view of love and passion (polyamorous in nature). It is important to note that some demonolaters and other practitioners sometimes work with or invoke Leviathan in the female aspect.

What to expect when working with him:

  • deepening of one's emotional capacity, strengthening of emotional intelligence
  • enhanced empath abilities
  • confronting one's innermost emotional traumas and internal sources of pain or suffering
  • attracting more compassion and empathy in one's life
  • bringing enemies to poetic justice
  • success in legal battles and business disputes
  • cleansing one's energy, mind, and space by purging toxicity and allowing for more positive and productive momentum. 
  • releasing from blockages and obstacles
  • encouraging honesty in oneself, and in others
  • improved communication on all levels, whether with peers in the mundane, or with the divine and otherworldly beings
  • balancing the heart and the mind so that neither cold rationality nor emotional impulse can cloud one's judegment
  • strengthened connection with the elemental power of water
  • improved bonding with water element-associated beings 
  • cleaning and freeing oneself of negative emotions that are bottled up inside
  • avoidance of worst manifestation from unresolved internal issues
  • improved conflict resolution overall 
  • Grounding and stabilizing, without becoming too grounded in the physical (retaining openness to the flow of spiritual influence). 

Advantages of using a portal:

  • knowing for certain that you are speaking with the deity in question, and not a skilled trickster or shapeshifting malignant being
  • possessing a permanent two-way line of communication, much like having Skype of Facetime constantly open with the chosen deity
  • stronger and faster bonding with one’s chosen Patron/Matron to whom the portal is bound to
  • facilitating clearer communication, and with time and practice, the ability to channel the desired deity directly (voluntary possession).
  • Serving as a gateway on an altar, or any other sacred space used for veneration and ritual


Examples of preferred offerings: water-associated crystals, deep blue candles, works of creativity dedicated to him (music, art, poetry, literature, etc.), blood offerings placed in water, being near the ocean or any large body of water with his companion/follower, drinks of any kind, tantric magick workings dedicated to him, and keeping fresh water near his vessel as much as possible (when not being worn).

*note: information is derived from UPG and he may manifest differently to others, whether in appearance, intentions, etc.


All orders for prebound conjures may take up to (7) business days to ship out. 

Shipping is only charged for vessels; direct spirit bindings or distance bindings are free!

Disclaimer: As required by law, I must state that all services--conjure and divination--are for curio and entertainment purposes only. By purchasing this product, you agree with the above statement and acknowledge that you are buying a tangible item--whether jewelry or a digital file--and that either of these goods promise no metaphysical or otherworldly effects. These products do not serve as substitutes for professional medical help, nor do they promise any supernatural occurrences. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

Black Lotus Caravan has the right to refund and deny service to any buyers that have been blacklisted from its exclusive community for reasons such as abuse, and neglect of companions or harmful actions directed at other clients. This policy is unique to Black Lotus Caravan and does not apply to Magickal Menagerie.

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