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* note: information is derived from UPG and she may manifest differently to others, whether in appearance, intentions, etc.These portal bindings are created after blood offerings, petitioning, invocation, and channeling my Matron herself.

Immortal name: Lilith, the Dark Mother
Alignment: Heavy Dark Arts
Available Vessels:

✅Sz. 8 black rhodium-plated ring with ruby rhinestone
✅ Sz. 8 silver-plated ring with pink topaz CZ and winged skull embellishment
✅Sz. 8 black rhodium-plated ring with obsidian rhinestones
✅ gold wire briolette-wrapped pink dragon's vein agate pendant
***note: will come with free necklace cord for easy wear,  if none of the ring sizes listed above fit you.

Song resonance: "Beast" by Nico Vega (

Specialties include but not limited to: shadow work, dark enlightenment, deeper connection with ubi, vampires, and demons, deeper connection to the moon, wisdom, knowledge, self-preservation, self-sufficiency, Freedom, Liberation, stronger connection to demonic divinities and companions, psychic and intuitive precision, stronger divination, sharpened intellectual tact, defeating oppression, feminine power, endurance/resilience, strength, self-esteem/self-love, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure, sex, sensuality, seduction, reproductive health/rights, intuition/divination, mastering the self, empowering dark and sexual magicks, defeating fears/insecurities, dominance over enemies, and control.

Appearance: throughout my experiences working with her, she tends to shift her form accordingly to what you are currently learning from her and the role that she plays in your life whether as a mother figure or even a lover. The two forms that I have seen her in are her youthful redhead self and her middle-aged raven black-haired self. If anything at all, she prefers to dress comfortably in ways that do not restrict her movement and form and are elegantly revealing and seductive. When I work with her, she manifests naked, only wearing an open cowl-hooded robe. She is both voluptuous and strong in build, and in her black-haired form, her eyes are completely blackened out and glisten like a moonless starry night sky.

What she is seeking in prospective students: she would prefer that her students be open to exploring or becoming comfortable with their sexuality and seeing that side of them as a path to power and liberation. Mother Lilith recommends that those who are unsure of how to approach her can consult with Lady Ashtaroth (Divinity & demoness Priestess of Friendship) on how to build rapport and make a great first impression. Otherwise, Lilith says that her prospective students must be willing to put in work and be committed to building a relationship with her, starting with the foundation of true friendship, and the high degree of loyalty and sincerity that entails. Mother Lilith says that her prospective students feel destined to be united with her in divine, spiritual love and that there's a part of them buried deep underneath the truly calls out to her, longing to drink in her power, wisdom, and free themselves from oppressive cycles and situations that have kept them complacent and weak.

Addendum to criteria-3/24/18: Goddess Lilith is only open to those who approach her without fear or innate qualms about her views on sexual freedom (e.g hypersexuality, kinks, sex work), queerness, body positivity, etc. She would prefer that prospective students have experience in working with demonics in general and currrently have established friendships and working relations with at least one demonic being.

About Goddess Lilith: she is a violent and vengeful Goddess, yet limitlessly all-knowing, intuitive, and wise. She is the epitome of independence and teaches her student to fearlessly approach any situation or conflict with tact, precision, and confidence in their abilities--without having to depend on anyone else but themself. She believes that people must not be afraid of change/transformation in order move forward and evolve as a person--and that the answers or powers they seek can only be found within, or in solitude away from external influences. Goddess Lilith is well-known for her tough love and discipline, and can teach her students how to successfully overcome such harsh changes and master even the toughest life lessons that befall their path. However, the emotional well-being of her devotees, family, and loved ones are important to her--and she also shows a nurturing, motherly side to those who look up to her, seeking strength, resilience, and healing. She is extremely protective of her own, and will not hesitate to unleash her merciless fury on those who harm her children both biological and elect. Goddess Lilith would like to be a firm but guiding hand who can lift her devotees from the lowest, most vulnerable parts of their lives to a new beginning filled with self-empowerment and liberation of the truest self. Working with Goddess Lilith can be a tremendously rewarding and life-changing experience whether you are femme or a woman-respecting male.

Examples of preferred offerings: red or black candles, ylang-ylang oil, dragonsblood incense, garnet, ruby, moonstone (especially black moonstone), opalite, carnelian, aquamarine, roses (thorns still on), lotus flowers, belladonna (handle with caution), aphrodisiac foods, alcoholic drinks of any kind, sexual energy/orgasms, and music that arouses or uplifts.


All orders for conjures may take up to a week (7 business days) for shipment via USPS.

Shipping is only charged for vessels; direct spirit bindings or distance bindings are free!

Disclaimer: As required by law, I must state that all services--conjure and divination--are for curio and entertainment purposes only. By purchasing this product, you agree with the above statement and acknowledge that you are buying a tangible item--whether jewelry or a digital file--and that either of these goods promise no metaphysical or otherworldly effects. These products do not serve as substitutes for professional medical help, nor do they promise any supernatural occurrences. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

Black Lotus Caravan has the right to refund  and deny service to any buyers that have been blacklisted from its exclusive community for reasons such as abuse and neglect of companions or harmful actions directed at other clients. This policy is unique to Black Lotus Caravan, and does not apply to Magickal Menagerie. 

I do not claim ownership of any images used to portray my products and give full credit to their respective owners/artists.

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