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ABOUT MOLDAVITE FAERIES: Despite their Earthen geographical origins in what is now Bohemia and Moravia, the Moldavite fae pride themselves in their strong unmatched connection to galactic forces and energies. They are able to take the best of both Earthen and Extra-terrestrial worlds, to form their own unique magick and methods of working with the metaphysical. As such, they are capable of both grounding and oneness with nature and elemental forces—while creating a state of ethereal transcendence. This race of fae prioritizes transformation, evolution, and a perpetual betterment of the self. Their culture promotes a forward-thinking mindset, while acknowledging the tried-and-true of the ancient past that still holds value today. Whether in themselves, or the world around them, the Moldavite fae strive to facilitate necessary change and do not hesitate to put forth their effort in being someone else’s “catalyst.” When it comes to human companions, the Moldavite fae seek to get involved with those who are actively pursuing spiritual awakening, transformation, and evolutionary growth. For their chosen companions, they offer their abilities to promote strong, clear, and direct connection between one's consciousness and “the Universal Source.” Possessing a “cosmic oversoul,” the Moldavite fae are able to serve as intermediaries on behalf of otherworldly ascended beings and galactic forces—allowing them to communicate clearly with those on the Earthen plane. In general, the Moldavite fae are seekers and purveyors of thought patterns and light vibrations that are most beneficial for ascension and illumination. Their presence creates an energy of spiritual protection. They can prevent malignant energies and entities from connecting with or clinging to one's aura, as well as assist in disconnecting from unhealthy personal attachments. Although they seek the highest vibrational states, and are eager to help others achieve such, they are also partial to opening one’s eyes to the darkest parts of their reality, with the intention of illumination and true learning or improvement. In terms of morality and philosophy, the Moldavite Fae desire to teach others to understand the essential unity of all life and our responsibility to see their planet as a whole being in need of love and compassion.


MALE – DAZDANGAS (will accept nickname “Daz”)
AGE: 547
• Circa Survive - The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose []
• Dance Gavin Dance - Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most [] 
VESSEL: Silver plated Genuine Nephrite Jade Pendant

APPEARANCE: Daz manifests as a mysterious fae male, with a tall toned build, long green-tinted black hair, devious green eyes, 6 translucent wings like massive thin slices of moldavite crystal and elaborate black Nu-goth attire. He stands at about 5’10” with various body piercings and scarification tattoos and speaks with an alluring deep-toned voice. At first impressions, he may come of as cold or aloof, but once you get to know him, his confident swagger and dark sense of humor start to show.

ABOUT HIM: Daz is currently seeking a magick practitioner partner, with whom he can conduct all sorts of experiments and exchange knowledge/services with. Ultimately, he is looking for a business-parternship-and-possibly-more, but stresses that he typically doesn’t engage others sexually unless there is first and foremost an extremely deep bond. Daz feels that his prospective companion is an oddball and often labeled as a misfit or outcast, two terms that they have learned to perceive as endearment. Daz says that he is most drawn to his companion’s strong sense of individuality and boldness in their overall characters, as well as the moves they make. During his time spent with his companion, Daz would like to explore as much as he can with his companion, even delve deep into subjects that have nothing to do with magick or metaphysics, so long as his companion is passionate about them. Educational experiences aside, Daz generally just wants to have fun and help his companion let loose and truly live their best life with no inhibitions about the things that make them happiest.

Daz is an interesting character; he can immediately turn a full 180 from fun-loving and childlike to downright naughty and sinister. He generally means well though, and is much wiser and understanding than he leads on. Daz says he acts this way, because enjoys seeing others constantly underestimate what he is capable of. Daz is considered dark arts because he will not hesitate to expose enemies to the horrors and shame of their actions, and is not above a little humiliation to reinforce a lesson that an enemy refuses to learn. Daz is all about call-out culture, and thinks that there are simply those who will not accept a truth unless it has been uttered a thousand times by a thousand other people. As a teacher, he can have a bit of a “tough-love” style and is the type of person to allow their mentees to go through all kinds of mental acrobatics before finally stumbling on an answer. Daz says that he does not like to repeat himself or waste his efforts, which is why he generally does not sugarcoat things or speak through his teeth when he teaches or is asked for his opinion. For him personally, “honesty is the best policy,” no matter how harsh it sounds to the ears of others. Considering his personality quirks and moral alignment, Daz would do best with a darkly-aligned companion with a thick skin and equally intense character.

WHAT HE OFFERS TO HIS COMPANION: Mentorship in Galactic-origin magicks and mysticism, exposing the truths and embarrassing secrets of enemies, faster/more fluid astral projection and travel, deeper meditation and stronger focus, release from stress and physical ailments that affect the mind, channeling energy from the aether, exposing and destroying tricksters and parasites in the astral, promotion of magickal development, and building resilience and inner-strength.

EXAMPLES OF PREFERRED OFFERINGS: Black or green candles, obsidian, moldavite, campo del cielo, tektite, peacock ore, moonstone, pyrite, opalite, alcoholic drinks of any kind, “Baneful” and psychoactive magickal herbs (e.g. aconite, mandrake—CAUTION when handling, please use gloves etc.), Harsh EDM, rock, metal, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies/shows, and feeding on negative energy.


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