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The PHENOMENON RA is a reverse adoption oriented toward fostering your relationship with certain types of magick, and using those forms of magick to manifest a lifestyle you want: whether it is powerful and untamed, peaceful and reflective, nomadic and instinctual, or steamy and indulgent. This RA will help you motivate yourself toward your goals and find ways to make the life you seek into the life you live.


This bundle connects you with:

1. 1 Golden Tier Entity - The Coach

2. 1 Bronze Tier Entity - The Attendant

3. 2 Supporting Spells


All for only $28.95!


The Options Available Are:

Khaos - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the haphazard, primal glory that is chaos magick. This bundle will help you activate your intuition and use the powers and energies around you in a way that truly revolutionizes your practice. This is a powerful and evolutionary piece that will keep you motivated and considering the ways in which magick could be improved or furthered.

Holy - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the soft, radiant light of angelic magick. This piece does not necessarily work with Christian Angelic forces, but does radiate with the joy, harmony, safety, and provision that defines the Angelic Vibration. This is a motivational and healing piece that will help you change the world around you for the better while retaining the energy that lives inside of you and allowing it to grow.

Green - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the primal, scintillating, nomadic, and intuitive energies of green magick. This bundle will help you motivate yourself to follow your instincts, connect with the earth, the creatures and the flora, and sculpt a life for yourself that is in tune with the needs of your body, mind, and soul. These entities specialize in green and earth magicks and can help you get the most out of this communion.

Lush - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the hot, luscious, and inviting energy of romantic or "Pink" magick. This piece will help you learn how to drum up and utilize pink magick energy, use your skills and allure to manifest a beautiful relationship, and how to have primal encounters that are beneficial, pleasing, and raise powerful amounts of core energy. You will find that you are gifted at communicating with dark arts and more indulgent energies and entities when working with this piece.