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Name: Ovaren

Type: Liar’s Glass Oracle

Tier & Zone: Gold | Purple, Blue, Gold, Silver

Frequency: High

Age: 23,874

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Ovaren is a determined character. He loves his role in sharing the truth with others, and is a naturally gifted communicator. He loves to work with the gut feelings of his companions to transfer knowledge when he cannot communicate with them any other way. He enjoys fielding negative people and giving his companions the “told-you-so” moment towards others when they keep their distance from a toxic person. He is a charmer, naturally, and cares for his companions very deeply, seeking to know them on a very friendly level that is not characteristic of most in his species.

About: The Liar’s Glass Oracle is a variety of djinn that focuses on showing someone the truth and a clear vision of any situation they request. The Liar’s Glass is a spiritual portal through which a seeker may look and see their reflection speaking back to them any lies that they have told to themselves or to other people. They may also see reflections of friends, family members, and even politicians. The general rule of the glass is that the individuals portrayed in the glass will only speak lies when displayed. This amazing oracle can determine when a statement is a blatant lie or a perceived truth, and can also show you the inspiring factors that lead to the lie in question. If you ask the entity that holds the mirror, they will speak to you in clear voice and will show you where the truth lies or where to look for it if that journey is necessary for your growth.

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