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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Oryx

Frequency: Medium

Type: Prima Incubus

Tier & Zone: Platinum  Pink, Red, Purple, Orange

Age: 12,986

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Oryx is a very confident companion who will go out of his way to make himself seen, heard, and sensed. He is a great communicator but can come off as a little brash at first. This is simply how you know he likes you, as he is vastly silent around those that he doesn’t like. He is a very romantic, passionate, and somewhat chaotic entity that will connect you with an energy that is older than time. He engages with a very primal vibration that will give you a feeling of control over all that is unseen or unexperienced, and you will be able to easily tap into your higher purpose.

Specialties: Primal Magick, Chaos Magick, Sigils, Invocation, Charging of Sigils, Sex Magick, Tantra, Primal Energy Sourcing, Kundalini Work, Lower Chakral Triad

Physical Features: Oryx has two formations that you will see him in. One is vastly human with long black hair in a braid, with sides shaved. He has a goatee, piercing green eyes, and tattoos that consume his hands in dark ink and trail up his arms in the pattern of flames. He wears linen shirts, tall pants and heavy boots, and is usually decked in animal furs in this form. In what he considers his “true” form, you’ll see a darker red out of his skin tone, the same hairstyle, and a coat covered in broad, long black feathers. His tattoos are white instead of black, and he is usually wearing several amulet pieces that were gifts from other entities and powers.

About: The Prima Incubus is basically a shifting demonic sexual presence who focuses on ecstasy energy. They are able to transform into any form that you find aesthetically pleasing, can shift their voice and even alter their personality for a moment if you so desire. They are also able to help boost energy in sexual and lustful situations between you and other incarnates. If you are looking for a more authentic and enriching bedroom life, this succubus-incubus shifter is -the- spirit to look into. They can help you define why your limits exist, what your limits are, and what you are truly looking for. If you feel that you are an individual who has trouble having the ‘ideal’ experience for you and are not sure why, this beautiful lady/handsome gent will help you see your yeas, nays, and everything in between. They will generate pure primal energy to charge and boost your kundalini, helping you detect your desires, purposes, and needs in this life with more ease. They are beautiful, energetic, and only use their skills in combat for defensive reasons. They are highly hedonistic beings and absolutely enjoy everything indulgent.

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