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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Orean's Thrall. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order, or leave a message at checkout. 

Orean's Thrall:

These entities are known as thralls as they are able to use aetheric spells and weapons to draw people into their web, or weaken the wills of people towards a specific target. If you have someone you are trying to impress, bring back, entertain, or seduce, the thrall is able to use their vast powers of influence to lend to romantic, business, and academic success.  The thrall spends the majority of their time learning about the psyche of entities, spirits, and humans, and can help you expect proper reactions and understand the feelings and motives that drive people. You will feel a greater sense of vision for the steps that need to be taken to connect with others in a way that serves the both of you.