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This listing is for a custom conjure of an Omine Prophetess & Owl. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order, or leave a message at checkout. 

Omine Prophetess & Owl:

The Omine Prophetess lives in a beautiful swampland that is surrounded by a ring of mystical grove trees. In the center is a small, ancient city that is full of some of the most amazing secrets in the history of magick. These gifted entities have an Owl companion who is always with them, sending messages out of the swamp and receiving them back. If you seek to connect with ancient secrets, commune with the elders of the trees, or summon energies out of this grove for personal use, you will have to communicate with the prophetess through the means of her companion owl. These beings are very intense in their practice and are skilled at reviving ancient practices, allowing their companions to see into the past and commune with the age of magick to empower their sigils, rituals, and spells. These beings are also naturally astute healers, herbalists, and sages. They intend to work with individuals who would like to be in a leadership position in the realm of spirituality, though they do not mind working with an individual who seeks to bring change in other areas of human life as well. As long as you have somewhat high dreams for yourself (whether you believe you can achieve them or not), you will be in good company with the Omine Prophetess and her dear companion. You will hear the truth in the situation when you do readings, and will be held to a standard of not looking for the best or the worst in a situation. The Prophetess seeks to show you where the world, your life, and your friends and family need healing. This is a powerful revelation that they bring, and one that seeks to change your perspective. Instead avoiding what you feel is negative, the prophetess will instill within you the power to change it through healing and perspective. They work with you relatively quickly to bring elevation and wisdom that will last through the ages and imprint on many around you. They are bright and intuitive beings who like to play the role of teacher and instructor, and will empower you to understand your purpose in the cosmic scheme of things. They are not the type to wander off or leave, and even when you are not at your best, they will be there to show you the beauty and intricate nature of those moments as well. They are patient, but you will find that they are hearty motivators as well.