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30 Vessel Limited Offer!

Once they are gone... they are gone!

The Neptune's Orbit spellwork alone costs more than this entire take a look!

The Nocturalis Talisman is a powerful piece of ritual-based spellcrafted jewelry that empowers any companion to connect with their spiritual intuition. All of us are wired with some powerful intuitive powers and abilities that we generally do not tap into to their full potential. The beautiful wisdom of endless incarnations, experiences, and ancestors is something that many struggle to connect with.

Nocturalis is a talisman that aims to connect you with your second nature -- your intuitive, natural ability to manifest your desires, manipulate energy, and thrive in a survival-based climate. This trutly evolutionary piece is wrapped in layers of spellwork to help you connect to your higher self, your personal past-life history, and to the true nature of the world, ensuring you don't forget your divine origins or your divine capabilities. The strength and wisdom that you may find working with this piece and the companions connected to it are bottomless.

Connect with your Nocturalis Talisman and awaken the ancient witch within, connecting with the power of planetary alignments and drawing down wisdom, oracle visions, intuition, and abundance from the powerful lives you have lived and ancient souls you have met. There's a treasure trove of skills and opportunities that you have yet to tap into. Take this opportunity and delve into the beautiful, storied waters of lore.

This powerful talisman comes with quite a lot of magickal power, and you'll be able to sense the energy of this item from the photos alone.

On this talisman you will find:

  • One Dark or Grey Arts Companion - Platinum Tier
  • New Moon and Full Moon Lunar Enchantments to assist you during any planetary alignment in absolving yourself of the old and beckoning forth new starts without fear.
  • Saturn's Secret: This empowerment connects directly to the power and influence of Saturn. This enchantment is activated by simply wearing the vessel and helps you set rules and stick to them. The main effect of this spell is the ability to eliminate the influence of others in your life and to minimize or eradicate guilt related to other people. This spell is highly helpful for people who find themselves consistently struck with the need to placate others, much to their own downfall.
  • Neptune's Orbit: This is a third eye spell that taps you in with higher frequency energy. This will likely give you headaches for a few days before you realize that you are beginning to get in touch with spirits, the cosmos, and the gods much more. You may start out tired, but you will see better than ever with this new spell. This spell will help you open your third eye and experience the spiritual world around you with a new zeal and zest. This small boost will help you get to a point where regular spiritual exercise can help you see more vividly every day!
  • Pluto's Promise: This powerful, beautiful, and complex layer of spellwork connects you to the revolutionary power of Pluto. Your transformative powers are very much connected with Pluto, and through this spellwork, you will be able to reinvent and rediscover yourself. Where the Saturn spell helps you write your own rules, Pluto's Promise will have you adamantly questioning the ones you were following before, meanwhile shedding years of disappointment, fear, and misunderstanding toward your incarnation and the world yo ulivei n. This powerful spellwork brings epiphany-status energies that allow you to understand your true purpose in the world and see what is truly important. This energy may show you why your stresses are part of a much bigger machine of misplaced priorities, and may help you establish what your priorities really and truly are.
  • Jupiterian Allure: This spell is a powerful aide to anyone, whether they have concerns and contemplations over finances or not. This is not your average good-luck spell. This spell connects you with influential people, inspirational minds, and big ideas that can bring you ever closer to the places in life you wish to be. You will be granted the ability to be more generous and will receive more generosity and kindness for others. This spell breeds optimism, understanding, and a perception that "lack" does not exist for you. the positive mindset that this spell helps breed will motivate you to do your best without fear of defeat. This spell grants you the understanding of your own power and the regality and authority to wield it.
  • Shield of Vega: The Shield of Vega is a very powerful piece of spellwork that is connected to a very ancient energy that is always bolstered by ritual and intention throughout the world. Vega is a very powerful presence in ancient literature and liturgy, and the energy surrounding it is ever empowered by the united mindset of those paying it honor. The Vega star is among the brightest in the sky, and it holds a potent, ancient guiding power. The Shield of Vega is an energetic shield that prevents the wearer from being distracted from their purpose or from being taken in a direction that opposes their higher purpose and their best interest. We often over-invest ourselves in others or do things we don't get a personal benefit in because we are generous. This shield works mostly toward psychic vampires and etheric vampires that intend to take energy from you through pity, sympathy, empathy, and continued generosity. This shield seeks to keep people away from you that won't offer their hand when you have offered yours. This shield carries a very powerful energy and helps you understand when to be charitable and when to maintain distance so that you may help others.
  • Spica Portal: The Spica Portal connects to the otherworldly energy of the luminous star Spica. It is a fixed star in the Virgo constellation and is a very powerful star to source energy from. The portal to this energy is one that will remain open for one hour after opening, or until active work within the portal has ceased. The Spica Portal connects to an endless energetic frequency of abundance, kindness, happiness, family and relationship harmony, and hard work. The energy from this portal can be summoned to give effective energy to those who struggle to be productive and to pull intense amounts of crown energy at one time for communication to source or higher self. Spica is the star of communication, wealth, and refinement. Through the power of this star, you can hone your approach to your dreams, summon the words of ancestors to inspire you, and accrue, maintain, and spread wealth to those around you. This star is signified by the Empress in tarot, and is a powerful frequency of leadership. Even if you are meek and mild, or are rather afraid to step forward and take advantage of the large-scale opportunities in front of you, this energy can help motivate you and empower you to be brave. This powerful portal can also create a beam of pure light energy that allows Ancestors to communicate with you more clearly.

This powerful amulet is chock-full of potent spell-workings and will come with a hand-picked and interviewed companion who seeks to manifest and maintain the same things that you find important. These beautiful murano glass leaf pendants are hand crafted, triple cleansed, and are also empowered with charged and intentioned energy from the grand altar. We have also cast intention into each one that the wearer will connect with their true desires and harness the chaotic second-nature magick that is within all of us. You will find that when you work with the Nocturalis Talisman you are more inventive with your magick and rely less on the work of others. Follow your feet and connect to your ever-magickal roots!