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New Leaf! A beautiful handcrafted Murano Glass pendant empowered with the connection to an amazing best friend and companion, two powerful enchantments we have used on our personal amulets, and a free meditation included! The New Leaf amulet works toward one over-arching goal, empowering your approach to life’s issues and to your personal dreams.

New Leaf’s enchantments and empowerments will boost your own personal thoughts and desires of manifestation. This piece is geared toward utilizing the different channels that each amulet specializes in, and moving energy toward your most innate desires. This means that your energy levels for other desires will be maintained, but all excess will be pointed in one direction – your highest goal.

With this piece you will receive:

  • A Murano Glass Pendant – Everything in this package is bound to this piece, except the meditation which will be in PDF Format.
  • A Spirit Connection at or above the tier level purchased – this entity will be interviewed to determine compatibility an alignment of passions.
  • The VICTORY Enchantment – The Victory Enchantment helps with the directing of free radical energies toward your goals. This enchantment brings the energy around you into a core and focuses it toward manifesting your personal goals and desires in accordance to the programming theme of the vessel.
  • The Bridge of Light Enchantment – Empowerment: Inspires Open-mindedness, Boosts of Energy where Deficient, Helps Attract Opportunity, Self-Revelation, Empowers Connection to Higher Self, Empowers connection to spirits and energies of divine origin Effect: A vessel enchanted with this charm will help the person who possesses it to overcome obstacles and transitions in a few unique ways. This enchantment calls for energy to be sent on behalf of the holder. These energies coincide with any energetic deficits the individual may have that are preventing balance and flow in their life. Along with the manifestation of the necessary energies for their desired transition, the user will connect more easily with their sense of spiritual identity, purpose, and intuition. A vessel with this enchantment gives the holder the benefit of feeling capable, driven, connected to source, and in tune with their environment to the necessary degree that is rewired to accomplish their ambitions. About: This enchantment works to call for blessings from several deities of abundance, clarity, and wisdom. It sources energy from these powers to build hotlines of energy that are readily available to the owner. The presence of this directed energy will help the person in possession of the vessel to feel connected with the world and cosmos in such a way that feelings of separation and disenfranchisement cannot occur. The owner should feel empowered, confident, an
  • The Jade Orb Meditation – The Jade Orb meditation is a small ritual that will help you connect to the pure, divine energy of manifestation, barrier breaking, and fruition of long-running processes. This meditation will help you decide what you specifically desire to manifest, and put the signal out there for reception. When you order your New Leaf, during the fulfillment process, we will send you a copy via email in PDF format.


Channel – Darkling Dawn

The Darkling Dawn version of New Leaf focuses on utilizing primal energies, argumentative and pugnacious energies, lustful ether, and the energy put off by pain and negative thinking and converting them into something you can use for good and for growth. This piece will also draw dark and black arts entities that are well-intentioned and that will cooperate with your needs and limits. This piece involves blessings that will bring the powers of darkness and light into balance within you and within your space. As the duality of the universe is what displays its intrinsic divinity, it is important to use all energy in harmony. This amulet works to help you awaken all aspects of your inner strength and fortitude in the face of difficulty, and to transmute the more unwieldly energies into something mutable and usable.