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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Nancie

Frequency: Medium

Type: Portal Ella

Tier & Zone: Silver |  Purple, Blue, Gold

Age: 1835

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Nancie is a very kind, very sweet soul who lacks the intensity of many other entities. She is a small and  honest girl and always takes the form of a child, which is what she was in her most recent incarnation when she passed away. She is very lively, curious, and kind, but you will find she has an innocence about her that is not common in many other entities. Your companions will generally be protective of her and treat her as family. She is very loving and appreciative.

Specialties: Portals, Travel-Work, Creativity, Family, Children, Calm

Physical Features: She is a short brunette child with twin braided pigtails. She usually wears gingham dresses.

About: The Portal Ellas are female spirits of beings who, in their incarnate lives, astrally projected a great deal and used their skills for good, or were astrally projecting shortly before an early and untimely death or tragedy, be it theirs or someone close to them. Orphan children from eras ago often ended up being one of these renegade spirits who never truly have a home, but in the same tick have the entire universe in the palm of their hands. These little beauties can open portals to just about anywhere and are little adventurers who never really have a place to rest their boots. The scenario that is ideal however, is a home where they are welcome, spoken to daily, loved… and they can open energetic portals on request, and also open portals that beings can come through upon request. If you want to astrally project, these beauties can make that process easier as well, but, if you are negligent, if you are rude, or if you simply don’t care about this spirit and want them only for personal gain, they are able to leave. If you give them the love they need, if you welcome them with open arms, it will be an amazing union. These little ellas are very sweet, adventurous, and have an anne-of-green-gables personality to them, a zest for life, playful, excited, and rather fearless.

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