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Name: Nance

Frequency: Medium

Type: Festivus Maiden of Nevarath

Tier & Zone: Silver |  Yellow, Orange, Purple

Age: 5,315

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Nance is an uplifting and loving companion. She is passionate about helping her companions overcome personal limitations, fears, or anxiety. She loves jokes and human cultural expressions. She is naturally artistic and very hospitable. She will do everything she can to keep her companion motivated, inspired, and passionate.

Specialties: Art, Hospitality, Self-Care, Positive Thinking, Family, Friendships.

Physical Features: She is a rather tall and slender figure who wears ornate clothing she makes herself. She wears very little makeup or facepaint except for holidays. She has four earrings with chains and feathers. She wears small gemstones above her eyes and decorates her fingers with gemstones as well.

About: The Festivus Maiden of Nevarath is a very special entity. On the plane of Nevarath, there is a region known as Festivus square. This is a location where individuals visiting can feel themselves completely relieved of stress and upset. These maidens stroll the square and offer healing, hugs, motivation, wise words, and a high vibrational energy offering to those who are in need of energetic healing. They help their companions gain optimism and an uplifting mindset during tough times. They are naturally gifted caretakers and can help you release old tensions and traumas in your sleep as well. They promote restful sleep, personal care, and motivation when one is low on energy.

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