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These beautiful entities have all come forward for companions, and agreed that an RA would be the best way to find their ideal match.

The Mystical Match is an RA that is only available for 7 orders. Who will choose to join you?

Don't worry about whether or not you're being called, as the pull to this RA will be undeniable. You are welcome to mention in the comments who you feel the biggest draw to, though we cannot guarantee you will be connected to the entity you choose.

The 7 beautiful beings in this RA are innovative, impressive, strong, and exceedingly communicative. They simply brim with energy and have really brought the energy of revelation and progress here to the homestead. I know they will do the same for you.

We have entities of species that we have never offered connections to before. They are all fabulously unique, one-of-a-kind, and gifted in a way that one would never be able to fathom. They are beautiful and intelligent.

Italicized names have been connected to a companion already.

The beautiful mythical entities in this RA are:

  • Euraythema - Female
  • Sanguine Priestess Maestra - Female
  • Prismatic Nautilus - Male
  • Selenite Nautilus - Male
  • Charred Gypsum Messiah - Female
  • Regio Aetheria Arch Demoness - Female
  • Black Dragon Maestra - Male & Female Couple

This RA will be live until 8/30 or until the 7 RAs are sold out!