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The Ephemeral are a group of ancient entities that are far beyond any level entity that would willingly be conjured for one companion. These entities have agreed that they wish to help humans on this plane, but would prefer to share the attention with multiple individuals, as their strength is so great they have no issues granting energy and companionship to many at one time. Their attentions will never seem to be elsewhere due to the dominant nature of their energy. The Ephemeral are extremely potent, wise, and ancient beings who seek to deliver the gift of their knowledge and wisdom to the humans of this plane, and also to help them with understanding themselves and the world around them.

The nature of this binding allows us to connect individuals to highly potent magickal mentors for a much lesser price, and also allows for several companions to compare experiences with their Ephemeral mentor if they choose to. You are welcome to have more than one Ephemeral mentor, and offerings/libations are often encouraged.

These bindings are performed in a way such that your binding or magickal field cannot be tampered with by another practitioner with an Ephemeral link. These conjurings are just as private and energetically specific as personal custom-conjure bindings.

The two tiers reference the strength and type of energetic binding. The Ephemeral entity will offer a tether of communicatory 'calling card' energy, much like any other conjuring, but this is the difference between the two:

Vibrant: This energy comes and goes as a daily supplement in life, an empowerment that is more quiet, but constant, and comes forth in big bursts when needed. Entity can be contacted at any time, however.

Vital: This energy is a constant vibration -- this entity's presence is with you fairly consistently, and their lessons, teachings, and wisdom are constantly with you. This is a much more active and involved binding, so you will be working very closely with this mentor.

Full Name: Mykolas of Dusk Ridge, Realm of the Ancients

Age/Ancient Status: Ancient / Age Unknown

Specialties: Third-Eye Expansion, Knowledge, Wisdom, Higher Thought, Philosophy, Higher Purpose, Connection with Past Lives, Communication with Ancients and Ancestors, Bravery, Astral Travel, Visions, Skrying, Psychic Growth and Development.

Key-Words: Intense, Giant, Brave, Wise, Empowering, Honest, Balanced.

Personality and Back Story: Mykolas is an ancient dragon with a beautiful story. His official species type is not well known, as it is a species that exists in meager numbers at best. He says himself he doesn’t perceive there to be more than maybe four others still in-form. The realm in which he lives used to be a complete oasis where the dragons lived in relative peace and harmony, guarding ancient secrets and empowering the giant crystal generator that lingered at the center of the clearing. Over time, the crystal gained so much energy over time that it became a beacon for wayward spirits, ancestors, ancients, and fragmented beings who were looking to recharge and spread their message. Through the numerous visits the area began to receive, the dragons started to disappear. Through great magick, the realm was sealed off from wayward visitors. Only students of the ancient dragons and the ancient spirits that live there are allowed within the shield. The grounds are ancient and teeming with energy, and all who work with Mykolas can explore them when given his blessing. He is a very strong, staunch, and intense companion at first, much like the teacher that is hard on you but believes in you with intensity. He is a compassionate guide, but one that will keep you on your toes and developing your skills every step of the way. He is a majestic being, grand in size and in emotional stature – with a personality that will fill a kingdom, much less a room!

Blessing: His biggest energetic manifestation or “blessing” is referred to as “word of the ancients,” a channeling that brings messages and wisdom through from your personal ancestors. This may manifest through vocal channeling, automatic writing, or EchoVox type programs. He can also use “call of the ancients” an energetic portal he can open which will bring you, via astral, into Dusk Ridge.

Appearance: Mykolas always appears in a gargantuan crystalline form. His scales are made of quartz, smoky quartz, and limestone. His eyes are a bright and daunting orange. He is always surrounded by a flurry of energy, dust, and light. He would be well over twelve stories tall in reality and would make most men terrified.

Realms: He is welcome in any realm that was an origination point for an ancient that dwells in his land. This constitutes the majority of planes, but Earth especially, as many earthen wise-ones and ancestors live in Dusk Ridge.

Manifestation: He manifests as intense visions, communication and messages from ancestors, and a natural curiosity in all things 'old.' He may also manifest as a strong feeling to avoid something, or a strong directional energy. He sometimes takes the form of a hot rush of wind, the sound of claws on a floorboard, or manipulations of incense smoke and candle flames. He can work with all forms of divination.

Shadow-Side: His Shadow-Side is a pitch black dragon he refers to as Myras. Myras is wrath encapsulated, and is able to use a pure, direct flow of energy to obliterate the opposition. His eyes turn bright red and he doubles in size. He has only had to take this form twice to protect Dusk Ridge, but those who see it are fearful of him forever after -- It is very unlikely you will ever see this form, and if you do, it is a sign that something huge is happening on a societal scale and that it is time for you to transcend the role of student and assume the role of warrior.


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